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  1. They won't rush there draft picks development. Devils are known for letting their players develop.
  2. Good points....there are so many options lou seems overwhelmed about the pick if u look on fire and ice.....but its good either way because were gonna get someone good.....there's still plenty of time till the draft picks are gonna go up and down in value
  3. I trust in lou but I feel that we should draft a puck moving defensemen....ryan murphy? He would be excellent for our powerplay because we need someone to run it at the point and make smart choices....look what rolston did on the powerplay he was horrible no offense
  4. This is awesome we got lucky!!!
  5. Who's cares if you have to explain yourself....the costume was sick at the game last night ....just keep it up!! We need characters like you in the supporters section
  6. Hey guys im new to this forum, ive been a huge fan of the devils and finally joined this after going to the islanders game on saturday, you guys were freaking awesome! i was two sections to the right of you guys and im definately going to the game april 6th to be part of the devs supporters section
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