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  1. Updated my Sale List with lower prices in the Marketplace section. Check it out

  2. I reduced the prices again on some of the stuff I posted in The Marketplace. Please check it out!

  3. zach parise and matt loughlin doing between periods announcing on versus right now?? weird
  4. oh and chico resch is supposed to be there too
  5. I only been to the warehouse twice and they are really nice. Its at: The MeiGray Group 185 Industrial Parkway, Suite C Branchburg, New Jersey 08876 and the expo information is: Eighth Annual MeiGray Game-Worn Jersey Expo Saturday, July 16, 2011 (9 a.m.-4 p.m.) Raritan Valley Community College Conference Center. Building 11. Route 28 and Lamington Road, North Branch, NJ 08876. Three minutes from MeiGray’s offices in Branchburg … 35 minutes from Newark Airport.
  6. my favorite moment was that Devils fan in dallas who was in the background during hedberg's post game interview on Versus when they played the Stars
  7. i have one of those doublehead players that can convert them. i bought it at walmart
  8. for a future hall of famer, that is a fair price
  9. i was just wondering because there are some players who seem to play a lot of years and compile statistics who i may not think of as a hall of famer (e.g Doug Weight)
  10. I was wondering what everyone's opinion was on how a player can get into the hockey hall of fame. I know for baseball there are key statistics like 300 wins, 500 HRs, 3,000 hits. I was wondering does 1000 points guarantee you in the hockey hall of fame? Does a lot of cup wins? What do all of you think? Also what players does everyone think are locks to be in the hall of fame (e.g. Brodeur) and who are some that are on the cusp or bordering (e.g. Tkachuk)?
  11. I am selling quite of few items that I collected related to sprots memorabilia. Check my post out in The Marketplace

  12. Bin Laden is caught and dead!

    1. Kovy138


      good riddance, motherfvcker!

  13. I just turned the news channels on and that is what they are reporting
  14. Right now I am only concerned about getting a coach, improving our defense, and signing Parise to long term. I dont' think there are any good goaltending options right now this year in free agency
  15. Can anyone here see Zajac as our alternate captain in the future?
  16. i think they are pulling highlights from every playoff series and including it in these commercials. ex) fleury's big saves in game 1, sedins finally scoring in game 2... etc i agree though that it isnt worth a commercial. it didnt help either when i saw that they showed the matteau goal from 1994 in its own commercial yesterday using the same history format. i think out of all of them, the lanny mcdonald one from calgary is the best one.
  17. i think they should of just dropped that match and have the iron sheik come out and rant obscenities to the crowd
  18. even though i am a big fan of real madrid, i am very happy that fabregas didnt leave to barcelona
  19. i still love playing nhl 94 and nhl 95
  20. I love how Lemaire is handling all this. He can let the team be complacent or lax at a time like this. The have to just keep on chopping and play the games on their schedule On a related note: When I played high school football, we were pretty bad in the late 90's. My senior year we went 2-0 in the first two games and we were acting like state champs and not working as hard in practice. As a result, we ended up being 2-7 at the end of the season.
  21. the database error message i got yesterday but when i logged off from the site. i got the blue letters sometime at around 6pm-ish
  22. Lemaire should write a book on sayings and witty quotes
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