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  1. just out of curiosity, has there ever been an event like this where a team goes from last place to a playoff spot in any sport?
  2. TNA is a mess. i wish they would just tell their fans straight up what really happened. i think there was a PPV a while back where Scott Hall no showed due to "personal" problems
  3. great movie. its been a while since i have last seen it, so i probably would of missed that quote too. i remember when seeing it at times on wpix ch 11 when they used to show the sunday afternoon movie
  4. i dont know i like pretty much all of the guys on WFAN except for Steve Somers because I can't stand his voice it is definitely koval-chook... my best friend is ukranian and that is how he pronounces it if you search on youtube for kovalchuk, ovechkin, and morozov, you get a link to a russian awards show and even though its in russian, you can hear the announcer says that pronounciation
  5. i haven't had them done at the rock either. i have a few jerseys size large that I am looking to sell or get rid of. They are size large does heat pressed lettering last?
  6. gottfried also made a joke in reference to greg giraldo's death too. i agree nothing shocks me that comes from his mouth
  7. they mentioned on nhl network that when he was sent over, he had an injury to begin with that was bothering him
  8. on the NHL network, one of the people was talking about historic it would be if they get a playoff berth
  9. i would post the video but it sickens me listening to her. She said she was praying for it to happen
  10. everytime i hear that song, i think of supertroopers haha
  11. All Time: Rafalski, Mogilny, Stevens, Niedermayer, McKay Currently: Parise, Zajac or Kovy
  12. has anyone seen the disturbing youtube video of this girl praising the events that happened in Japan
  13. wasn't the running joke that the islanders jersey looked like the gorton's fish sticks guy?
  14. Both Brian and Ron from Sports Express are great guys. I wish more businesses would care about their customers like they do
  15. I am suprised Parise hasn't gotten anymore commercial offers due to his popularity with the female fanbase and for tying the game in the olympic finals
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