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  1. Here's my suggestion.
  2. Teds ! A sign of things to come, hopefully
  3. I'm watching the Kings-Blackhawks game right now, and I'll most likely watch the Wild game later. I don't mind the Wild, though. They're one of the few teams I'll follow aside from the Devils. I wish i was able to watch the Devils game, but I have to miss it tonight. I live in Northern Iowa, and I'm with my girlfriend in the hospital expecting my firstborn child to show up soon. The hospital has a strict internet policy so I can't be on any websites with streaming content. So I'm stuck watching whatever is aired on NBC or FSN - North. Oh the sacrifices I make for my family GO Devils !
  4. Anyone have a link to tonights game?
  5. Larsson is the best penalty killer ever.... for the other team
  6. Does that mean that Larry pointed to Scott and said... "You're next !" ?
  7. ironsights

    Fayne to arbitration

    I'll take a shot in the dark for......... $2 mil
  8. Watch Lou pick up Arnott and re-sign Sykora to reunite the A-line...
  9. Kris Versteeg is a RFA Right winger. I doubt we'd make a move for him, but I wouldn't mind having him on the team. Just a thought.
  10. Bettman's wet dream. Systematically defiling the Devils while making sure his biggest cash cow can keep milking...
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