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  1. I'm going with a jersey and my Parise tshirt. I had a hat autographed by so many players from this year but lost it or had it stolen at Newark Penn. Saddest night of my life
  2. FREE ZACH PARISE AUTOGRAPH SIGNING: Saturday April 23, 2011 from 1-3PM at All American Ford in Old Bridge, NJ I called and they said bring your own stuff to get signed and that there is no limit to how many people will be allowed in. http://eastbrunswick.patch.com/events/free-autograph-signing-zach-parise-from-the-nj-devils
  3. pick me, pick me!!! i can do paypal or exchange at the game tomorrow
  4. Yeah, I appreciate the advice. I figured it would be packed being that it's a Flyers game and they always seem to invade the rock. > I've gotten a part-time job to afford going to a bunch of games ha, it's the train that kills me. But the tickets I purchased for the Islanders game tomorrow came with a $10 food/drink card so that's a nice plus. That pizza deal sounds awesome, what place is that?!
  5. yeah, same! i'll definitely take them for $40 if the offer is still on the table, i don't want to miss this game
  6. well, this was discouraging, haha. thanks but i was doing the line for the cheaper tickets cause i've spent all my money on the devils already. if no one picks those up from you before friday i'd be glad to take them both for $30
  7. Any suggestions on a good time to get to Newark to get tickets on Friday for the Flyers game? Trying this out for the first time!
  8. long time watcher, but newly registered. my name is regina, current college student, and recently new devils fan (3 years going strong) and still hoping for a miraculous end to the season!
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