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  1. Banning head shots and dangerous boarding plays isn't outlawing hard clean checks. How hard is it to not target the head? Pretty simple. Keeping ones head up isn't the issue nor should it be in my opinion. The rule is that the player making the hit needs to eliminate contact with the head; that's on the player making the hit, not the player who got hit.
  2. On the topic of Larsson, he needs to settle down and play his game. I honestly feel he's made a ton of plays already where, on a different team who's on fire offensively, he would've already had his first couple of assists by now. If it's an issue of confidence, I think he would be better suited to being sent to Albany for a couple months. Dominate down there and get that poise and confidence back, then come back up to the Devils. In my opinion he probably should've been sent to Albany from the get-go anyway; better to take the safe route with a high end prospect then throw him into the fire right away.
  3. I second this sentiment. Well said Pepperkorn. It's high time we all realized the teams of the 'glory days' are gone and done and that we need to support this team during times they're struggling to find themselves again. I haven't read this thread by the way, but anyone wanting to bag on Larsson. Umm, remember, he's not some forward who went in the top five. He's a defenseman, and one who is 18 years old at that. Have patience. It's going to take a couple years until he truly finds his game. Yeah he's talented and poised and stuff. He's also 18 and it shows.
  4. Haha I was late coming in here. My bad. ^^'
  5. Did Chico really just compare the Stars to the Dallas Cowboys?
  6. Let's go boys. Let's get this done. Should be a good test for us.
  7. Could be one guy. Could be the whole locker room. Could simply be Lou and Elias making a statement to the whole team that everybody needs to put individuality aside and become one machine. All I read into the article is that the team hasn't completely cast aside doing things individuality yet. You see our third line and how they've played lately. They seem to get what Lou and Elias are saying above the rest of the team right now. Same with the fourth line.
  8. Seems like Palmieri is putting a ton of pressure on himself to produce. Maybe that's been holding him back? Someone ought to tell him to relax and just play his game. Awesome write up.
  9. Umm, for what it's worth, the SHG only served to break Fleury's shut out. The Pens crushed us after that goal, so it's not like it was a game changing action on Sykora's part. Could it have been? Yeah. But ultimately it wasn't and that's the bottom line.
  10. Is it too far fetched to think Merrill will serve his suspension and then go to the Whalers? That way he deals with the consequences of his actions but then he makes up for the games he missed by playing a longer schedule somewhere else.
  11. soulartist23


    Can't we all accept that Kovalchuk is here for another 14 years and that he is indeed a *GASP* team player who actually wants to help his team win? It really bothers me that in spite of all he's done for the team that many are STILL questioning the move to sign him. He's better in the locker room than Langenbrunner, yet some fans are treating him like a locker room cancer. Dude has his faults but is still one of the best in the world at what he does. We have a player like that ON OUR TEAM. Can't we be grateful?
  12. Ehh I don't think it matters either way. We ended up tying the game and shutting up their crowd, so it's moot anyway. By the time the shoot out came I heard more cheers for Parise, Kovy and Moose than I did for Nashville.
  13. Hmm, seeing a bit of criticism about the Diablos's chants. If anyone has any suggestions, there's a public facebook page people can join and post their concerns on.
  14. soulartist23

    Sec 120

    At least we're cheering...
  15. Everyone, I ask you, any and every Devils fan at the game, to rally together to protect home ice tonight. There are going to be a load of Flyer fans at the game and the 50+ people in the 122 section are going to have a hard time drowning them out by ourselves. PLEASE, do not become quieted, winning or losing. HAVE SOME SWAGGER! Chant and yell with us. We NEED TO STAND TOGETHER. Together, we can DROWN THEM OUT. We cannot let THEM have their way. Don’t be afraid of being yelled at “for being too loud” and don’t be afraid of those orange jerseys: THIS IS OUR HOME ARENA. LET’S PROTECT IT. LET’S GO DEVILS
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