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  1. Listening to Minneapolis sports radio station KFAN 100.3 FM online (I'm also a Vikings and Twins fan). They are absolutely/literally frothing at the mouth over the prospect of Parise signing. I'd say since 10am, it's been about 98% Parise talk and 2% Twins. Makes you wish there was a local media outlet here with as much hockey fervor.
  2. I need some Ranger-specific jokes/zingers to throw around. Anyone got any good ones?
  3. As an occasional forum lurker, I agree with this sentiment. While I love the Devils, the forum here is sadly representative of the Devils fanbase as a whole. There are some good people, but at least half of the fans are total jerkoffs. One need not look much further than the behavior of the fanbase in their tired, sad, inferiority-complex based chants following a Devils home goal. The whole "You suck/Rangers suck" thing is unbelievably classless, detracts from my enjoyment of the moment, and I am embarrassed for all of us as to how we are perceived around the league because of this. Next
  4. Like I said, there's no indication it's a cancer PSA until well after the video has started. The first line of the video is something like "I'm Sidney Crosby", of course Philly fans and Devils fans and Ranger fans initial reaction will be to boo this. The whole "Rangers/Flyers suck" thing is not only stupid and classless, it's embarrassing. It reeks of an inferiority complex which is totally unnecessary. As far as Flyer fans are concerned, they definitely get a bad rap from people who have never actually been to a Flyers game. Philly is a great town with great fans.
  5. I was at the game last night and the same video was played. I definitely heard some boos when it first came on. I don't think most people realized it was a PSA until about 5 seconds in, when Crosby mentions the cause. For all the holier-than-thou Devils fans responding to this thread, you play at an arena where fans routinely (always) chant "Rangers Suck" and "Flyers Swallow" after the Devils score. Stay classy.
  6. They're a scam. Just got a call from a telemarketing company that got my info from this contest trying to sell me on vacations, etc.
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