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  1. The best comment I saw on twitter was "Bieber is a leafs fan he knows how to not show up for a game 7."
  2. Oh no looks like someone is getting traded this summer!
  3. Jay Pandolfo has been named Head Coach of Boston University. I always figured that was his dream job. https://www.sbncollegehockey.com/hockey-east/2022/5/5/23058703/boston-university-hires-jay-pandolfo-as-mens-head-coach
  4. Well we can watch the Future Hughes tonight so there is at least some exciting hockey to watch.
  5. HIs dad and brother Mac live in Baltimore. My ex used to work at a café that they go to a lot. She has met Sean there as well.
  6. It would be nice if Johnsson is traded so there won't need to be a healthy scratch
  7. What is wrong with the hat? I wear hats like that! I am not even an old Irish man.
  8. The dude on the youtube video said he spoke with 2 people close to the Devils and leaning to KC Scouts. So that is just an idea he thinks it could be.
  9. What a crappy happy birthday for Nico.
  10. And just when you get excited about the season again.
  11. My girlfriend got to experience the devils game experience blowing a 2 goal lead. In the 3rd period she goes to me "Look they are doing great" I said WAY too much time in this period for them to blow the lead. So I got a I told you so in there. I was also surprised at the amount of Devils fans in my section.
  12. I am going to the game today! First Devils game in 2years. Taking my girlfriend to her first game. So don't suck Devils! Let's go Devils!!!
  13. I don't know if I am ready for Devils hockey again. Let's Go Devils!
  14. The dude just fired himself I don't think he wants any part of this!
  15. I wish I had someone who believed in me the way Bettman believes in Arizona.
  16. I said they will go undefeated in them. So far I am correct!
  17. How much influence do you think basketball had on some of these new jerseys with that whole trend of have a 2nd nickname.
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