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  1. I would guess one of those teams is Baltimore. When they do spend they do not do it wisley *see Chris Davis
  2. At least we don't have a cat butt on our jersey
  3. They are going to win every game wearing this horrible thing.
  4. Let's go devils. After Tuesdays game I am so ready for more devils hockey!
  5. If it a ESPN+ Hulu exclusive Game like tonight you will not be blacked out. Regular games that are on msg will be blacked out.
  6. Umm is Wayne the best person to use for gambling ads? I can't be the only one to remember the issue in Phoenix?
  7. Well the police are all over there right now!
  8. Let's go Devils. I will be sleeping most of the game so don't make me mad first thing tomorrow morning.
  9. I work right by the projects that are in season 1 of the wire.
  10. I posted in the Hughes thread. Unless you have me blocked. LOL
  11. Is the Teddy Bear Vesey? Looks like a Pats jersey and there is a busker in Boston that dresses as a teddy bear and plays a keytar and often wears boston sports jerseys. AKA keytar bear.
  12. It is like they are putting winning again over doing the right thing.
  13. Well I think the Blackhawks wish this season was over. There is no excuse for this.
  14. Win this one please so I don't have to get crap from the bandwagon cap fans! LET'S GO DEVILS!
  15. Yep it was that game. IT was the Bruins last game of the season where they did the shirt off their backs after the game.
  16. I wonder if that is the game I met Jamie at. When they bought the group tickets they needed one extra. I worked near the garden and picked up a ticket for her close to the section they were in.
  17. Let's Go Devils! I am so excited for this season. Everything in my life is going great so I have to assume the Devils will also fall in line!
  18. Boy this guy has such a punchable face.
  19. When I still lived in Boston and people visited me and we went to Harvard Yard I would always say "and this is where they filmed Legally Blonde".
  20. My steaming of ESPN+ was fine but I found the camera angles really annoying. I don't wanna see half the audience in the shot and it is dizzying with the camera moving so much.
  21. Looks like got some enforcers to protect their investment.
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