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  1. Zibanejad goal assisted by the NHL -.- what a joke.
  2. Cant wait for the Rags to win tomorrow night against EDM so I can be even angrier about this team....😐
  3. Lol she might have just been having a rough night, and yeah I agree I normally never see the anthems on TV but that was not a great one to show 😆 oh well hopefully her vocal cords get some rest and she can nail it next time
  4. Omg nico laughing at the singer in Philly 🤣
  5. Are we gonna hear about this losers parents all night? Who cares?
  6. Iffy quality since I was zoomed into oblivion, but luke sighting in the front row of the GMs box. Standing out with the bright suit.
  7. Couldn't be more excited, I snagged some tickets last week for the game tonight at the Rock. Just Hyped that Devils hockey is back! LGD!!!
  8. Jeeze before looking at this link I forgot that we're still paying for Schneider AND kovy. Granted kovy is only 250k but damn that signing feels like a life time ago now and we're still feeling the effects lol. and we're paying 2 mil to let Cory play in bridgeport
  9. Was checking the odds last night on the Cesar's sports book for the next stanley cup champ to make a bet on our boys and was pleasantly surprised to see they have us tied for 3rd most likely to win the cup next year. Not sure why Col is above us? We finished higher than them in the standings and made it further in the playoffs but it is what it is.
  10. See, I thought the same thing this season before Akira came up. I was like "you know what Blackwood can do this #2 thing I think". And then he got hurt AGAIN. that was the breaking point for me. He can't stay healthy even as a #2 IF he could I think he'd be a great back up but he's shown us time and time again...he cant.
  11. Good team was good. I really think what lindy did was more impressive than Boston being Boston regardless of the record they set. I understand the bias but I think taking a bottom 5 team to a 2nd round playoff run is more impressive than a good team being really good. The best part of this is that now I can turn it off lol
  12. Look I've had a few drinks and I saw that picture of Jack and zegras hanging out, and I looked up his contract to see zegras is an RFA. I'm not contract/ trade smart and I can never make any realistic scenarios on "how could we make this happen?" But I'd love to see you guys do it. How can we get zegras on this team this year or next year? It's off season anything goes right? Edit: my phone autocorrected the first zegras to zebras and while I wouldn't mind a picture of Jack hanging out with zebras. It's not the point I was trying to make. Nor can I speak for a zebras ability to play hockey. I'm sure most have never even seen an ice cube let alone a rink...the end.
  13. Someone gave me sh!t the last time I said in no situation should seigs EVER sit for smith
  14. How many times are we gonna leave kreider uncontested infront of out net, it's the only way this rat scores.
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