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  1. I jumped in here just now to say this...has he not "Officially" signed? Does anyone know? Edit: I literally posted this, went back to TSN and hit refresh and there it was lmao disregard.
  2. WAIT but has anyone seen Chuck Fletchers Wiki Page?!? it has me dying RN lmao Chuck Fletcher (born April 29, 1967) is a Canadian professional ice hockey executive who is determined to destroy the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League (NHL).[1]
  3. I wanted him but that's more than I would have wanted us to pay for him so no big loss, he looked great coming back from injury last season but him coming out still in that form was far from a guarantee this year. I wish him well
  4. I don't want to bring any bad juju or anything but I'm definitely concerned with if JG doesn't sign with us then what? would it be nice to land "The Big fish" in back to back years? for sure but wondering what our game plan is if JG goes to the Isles (Or Philly but most reports seems to point at us or NYI)
  5. I see Marchment hasn't signed that CAR deal, If JG is debating toss an offer at him let's make it interesting.
  6. Yeah I'm useless at work haha I just keep refreshing pages. hoping we land Johnny hockey AND Mason Marchment I'll be a VERY happy devils fan.
  7. Anyone else find it odd that NHL is putting the rangers goals up as shorts on their youtube? They only did 1 out of 14 goals scored last night but for some reason they've uploaded 3 of the rangers 5 so far.....weird Edit: it's only 2 goals of the rangers they uploaded and its...of their 6 now....damn it
  8. I'm in the building, this game has made me finally realize that this season is a comedy, That's all guys. We'll be better next year...
  9. I woke up my girlfriend laughing at this, good job
  10. I HATED that guy but I also hate that I agree with you, this squad needs someone like that right now...
  11. Lmao at the shot of Graves saying "Fvck me" after the goal. Yep...we all feel the same after this season bud it's alright.
  12. This team is softer than baby sh!t, our guys are tripping over themselves on breakaways, and I pray they day we dump that loser severson off this roster its hilarious how many times this dude puts the puck in our own net to the point its a meme around here.
  13. I mean it's the NHL isn't it? Put on any of the other games right now it's not even the same sport. I understand they're the two of the worst in the league but is it not considered the BEST league in the world?
  14. I'm happy were up 2-0 but the level of play and how SLOW this game is, is laughable. I honestly don't feel like I'm watching the NHL
  15. Montreal has 8 wins on the season, I REALLY hope we're not #9....
  16. I know I'm late to this but it makes me sick to see we took Zacha with Timo Meier available, I understand maybe at the time Zacha looked like the better choice and you could argue that Timo may not have developed well over here (another thing we screw up well) but seeing the player Zacha is today compared to Timo is just insane.
  17. Can we just let Hischier take off the rest of the year and get through whatever is bothering him? I swear every time they do a zoom on his face his wincing in pain from something.
  18. One of my co-workers mentioned us being one of the teams involved in a potential Tarasenko trade should they decide to actually move him. Has anyone else heard of this? Sounds too good to be true honestly and also makes me worried what we'd have to give up to make that happen. Speculate away lol
  19. This Dougie Hamilton potential signing is even enough to raise me from my eternal posting slumber, I really hope we get this deal done. I'm staring at the TSN live tracker at work, Nothing is getting done here until we know.
  20. I literally just logged in to comment this haha. Probably not too happy with the trade I'm sure.
  21. Hahahaha I really appreciate you guys waiting for me to post it
  22. Here it is!! I’m sorry for the delay I’ve been running around, let’s keep the streak going, gonna be some tough competition but I’m hoping with some momentum from last night we can sneak this one out! LGD
  23. Yep I’m taking the mantle, every one from now on. Any one disagree?
  24. New update, if we pull this out I’m now considering posting EVERY GDT for the rest of the season
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