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  1. Can we just let Hischier take off the rest of the year and get through whatever is bothering him? I swear every time they do a zoom on his face his wincing in pain from something.
  2. One of my co-workers mentioned us being one of the teams involved in a potential Tarasenko trade should they decide to actually move him. Has anyone else heard of this? Sounds too good to be true honestly and also makes me worried what we'd have to give up to make that happen. Speculate away lol
  3. This Dougie Hamilton potential signing is even enough to raise me from my eternal posting slumber, I really hope we get this deal done. I'm staring at the TSN live tracker at work, Nothing is getting done here until we know.
  4. I literally just logged in to comment this haha. Probably not too happy with the trade I'm sure.
  5. Hahahaha I really appreciate you guys waiting for me to post it
  6. Here it is!! I’m sorry for the delay I’ve been running around, let’s keep the streak going, gonna be some tough competition but I’m hoping with some momentum from last night we can sneak this one out! LGD
  7. Yep I’m taking the mantle, every one from now on. Any one disagree?
  8. New update, if we pull this out I’m now considering posting EVERY GDT for the rest of the season
  9. This is my official apology and I’ll never EVER make a GDT again.
  10. Since this is my first game I'll actually be going to this season ( and possibly the only one) I wanted to start this thread today, I haven't started many but I think we won the last time I did so LGD! Let's pull out a win for the home crowd tonight! P.S. I may have watched coming to America last night and it may have influenced the title a bit =P
  11. Soooo Vegas is my girlfriends team (she jumped ship on us last season when they made their Cinderella run) I'm looking to buy 2 tickets so I can take her to see her team, I was looking on the various ticket sites and I'm not really a fan of paying 50+ dollars extra in "Convince" fees just because their website exists lol. If anyone can help me out I'd be happy to see what you have. Thank you in advance!
  12. also I heard about the meigray warehouse sale that happens once a year, is that what they call the Meigray expo? that seems to look like all jerseys but I'm more in it for Sticks and gloves in particular, is the warehouse sale a different thing? okay enough with my questions thank you for any answers in advance!
  13. I'm not sure if this has been touched on in the past (probably has) I remember going to the equipment sales on draft day ( last one I remember was when we drafted Larsson) getting top of the line sticks for $75 was a damn steal! Does anyone know what happened to all of that? It was such a great event to go to. I guess they sell everything through meigray now? I just saw their post on Instagram with all those hockey sticks and my mouth started salivating hahaha.
  14. I also just realized that Nashville has dragonballs on their shoulders
  15. Nasvhville isn't the Devils my friends. Hahaha this is true. Hopefully the devils can pull it off tomorrow. Go back to what we were doing in the season and shut them down. LGD!
  16. Is anyone else watching the Nashville game? I really feel like that was a kicking motion even the ref there immediately signaled no goal.
  17. Agreed, A lot of players have really been underperforming tonight, hopefully it's not the playoff stage doing that to them =/ Muller has been looking lost out there too. and I've noticed that Palms has lost a ton of boards battles tonight. he's always there but seems to be out muscled almost every time.
  18. just a sloppy careless turnover, The lightning is a team that will make us pay for that 9 times out of 10 we have to be better than that, But it isn't over yet! LGD!!
  19. I'm listening on the radio and the ping off the post from that shot aroused me...sexually, lmao way to tie it up boys! LGD!!
  20. I'm not watching the game sadly I'm stuck at work but I'm looking at the feed on the website and I've seen a ton of face off losses with his name on it, but Idk hasn't been impressing me this season.
  21. is it me or does Zajac seem to lose about 93% of all his face-offs?
  22. the flyers must be real upset with that second pick tonight =P LGD good win boys!
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