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  1. Thanks man ill check it out its a shame Justin tv is gone microwave pizzas streams were perfect
  2. I have dish network and they don't even carry MSG anymore and streams of the game?
  3. It was a good game we definitely dominated the flyers the entire time I'm just concerned with the goal scoring slightly. Almost every shot resulted with a rebound and we got second and third chances over and over again but we could find the back of the net I know we won 3-1 but from what I was watching it should've easily been 12-1 with the amount of rebounds were left sitting in the crease. With that being said everyone looked great. Gomez was a pleasant surprise for me and if he keeps up the way he played last night we can start up a welcome back thread haha. Cammy played well just a few falls took him out of the play once or twice but nothing major. It was nice to see Larson skate with and shoot the puck a bit several times it opened up scoring opportunities when he took a shot on net when normally he would have passed it to someone who was covered XD. Overall good game I just hope we can capitalize on more scoring oppertuinies when they're handed it us
  4. I can help you out with the unknown jersey autographs I know that J. Is Matt taormina and H. Is cam Janssen. And J. I'm not certain but how many 11's have we had John madden. Adam mair. Urbomb in preseason. little gio I'm sure I'm Missing someone but that's all I got haha I meant G. For the last one J. Is def Taormina haha
  5. Why do I feel like I'm getting a attitude from everyone who posts toward me? As for the penalty I totally forgot about that and thank you for reminding me that all I was looking for and what's not news the draft order? Cuz ondeck said this wasn't news cuz it's on the NHL page like this is the first thread to feature something that may be on the NHL website? I feel like I'm getting hazed for starting a thread because I don't post too often
  6. I just thought I'd make a thread on it since I haven't made one in over a year and its news that I feel we can have a discussion about. I mean I may just be overlooking something or not thinking but how is it that we end up behind the Stanley cup winners?
  7. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=723157&navid=DL|NHL|Microsite-Draft2014 Anyone else not surprised were #30 ?
  8. I really wanna try to find his Jersey for that team with his name and number I'm looking if anyone knows where I can find it I'd be very happy ^.^
  9. Probably one of the worst online experiences of my life on my first 2 games in the league and i can already see how its gonna be little moves to slide the puck right through the goalie without even doing.anything. I'm dropping out of this.league who ever wants Tampa you can have it. Ill stick to the club leagues.
  10. Im Tampa I can play now and tomorrow any time after 5 let me know You HAVE to be online at the same time right?
  11. I just happened to see this in the news tab on NHL network. And surprised the hell out of me. Mabye a little to soon in my opinion.
  12. I feel that would be fun but after a season or to once we get the swing of things and its moving smoothly
  13. I know there's a thousand of these but I can't seem to find one I'm thinking about customizing my authentic and I'm just wondering where to send it. Also any sugestions on who I should get?
  14. Ill hop on this as the lightning Gt: K4kills TUH
  15. Thank you sire you are a gentleman and a scholar
  16. Idk about you guys but ill be there!
  17. I will definitely look in to that thank you sir. And may the swole be past on to you and your kin
  18. This. Haha I always play the red wings. Canucks. And kings ( bastards). And as always I play as the devils and win 95% of the time because I know how to use the team.
  19. Idk man the new true performance skating looks sick I'm pretty excited.
  20. well fist I'd like to.state the luxury of not staring at a flyers sweater all year. Like some extra stick packs for your pro and cards for the HUT and the tin and.stuff. I think it says what's included on gamestop.com
  21. So that grinds my gears a little bit but what are we gonna do. I am however debating to pay the $80 for the Stanley cup edition so I don't have to Stare at giroux's ugly mug all year lol
  22. I could see him getting a letter but in time. You know him coming in to his 2nd season I doubt they'd do it. But I can definitely see him being one if our future leaders
  23. Stick is sold! Thank you to coorslight! Everything else is on sale still
  24. As much as I wish clarky would get the A I'm chasing something that won't happen at least this season I feel. But kovy for the C with Elias and zajac withs A's
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