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  1. i guess the flyers are gonna have to toss all their money to....
  2. stick sale is pending. but i will listin to all offers for any other items i have also have a scott stevens puck (with coa) and a Brylin wooden stick blade original taping with Brylin stamped on it.
  3. I doant think the flyers like this to much getting burnt again
  4. Bump really trying to move this Clarkson stick will do cash meet up of needed Bump really trying to move this Clarkson stick will do cash meet up of needed
  5. Sucks it's this late however more time to make more money and get more stuff
  6. Bump. Prices lowered
  7. Haha I don't blame you if I had the coin I'd ponder it
  8. I see what you mean I'm probably just thinking too much into it lol I'm glad I got your opinions I really wanted to.see what you guys thought
  9. See I'd love to see Zach back in jersey but after we made him captain and he wanted a cup contender team( I believe we were pretty damn close) the fact that he's even thinking about leaving us kinda upsets me . Don't you think?
  10. so im selling stuff ive obtained over the last year or so from the sale or signings or waiting outside the arena after games i have pictures of all the items upon request $200- Ilya Kovalchuck Signed Away jersey, Stitched with Fight Strap. $30- Ilya Kovalchuk signed puck/ Obtained outside arena have pictures for proof. Sold $30- Travis Zajac Signed Puck W/COA $25- Jamie Langs signed USA Hockey puck $15- Ryan Carter Signed Puck $20- Zubrus Signed Puck $25- Tom Chorske signed puck $20- Bryce Salvador signed Puck $20- Andy Greene signed puck $15- Grant Marshall Signed Puck $20- Petr Sykora Signed Puck $20- Johan Hedburg Signed Puck ???- Scott Stevens Signed Puck (with COA) ???- Brylin wooden stick blade (stamped with original taping puck marks and all, shows nice use) Let me know or make an offer on here or in a PM Thanks, Sean M. :gd:
  11. SeanMac16

    MVP of Rounds 1 & 2

    Clarkson of round 2 def two game winners of 4 wins and he brings it everynight
  12. Idk if its just me but it seems as if were excluded from, alot or that noones cares when it comes to us they didn't mention 2 words about us in the intermission and I hope I'm not the only one that spotted that they spelled giante during our series with Florida
  13. Haha yeah pretty amazing. He came from Chicago from the blackhawks and he moved downstair from my sister so we all became friends haha
  14. I know the graphic guy that does everything you see at the rock his names Bryan pretty cool guy he's been working on the intro video and all that stuff for 3 months before the play offs. Pretty sick he said he's really happy with.how it turned out
  15. Ill be there pretty souped
  16. Im just surprised that a company doesn't make new ones to use you know? Like they make replica jerseys I just feel it should be the same. So I don't have to buy the ones from the 1980's
  17. Its no big deal he's asking alot for them lol Idc if their team used or whatever I just liked the green with red stripes I have a jersey they'd be sick with. I'd probably prefer them not to be from an old player but Idc haha
  18. I'm looking for the green Retro pants to use to play if anyone is looking to sell or knows where I can get them it'd be much appreciated
  19. Seeing the guys having fun and messing around with eachother in warm ups its good seeing them have fun putting them in a good mindset to win
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