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  1. I have to say this probably made my week
  2. Great weekend for the boys just gotta keep it up and play devils hockey Im very happy with both wins finally seeing everything come together is probably the best feeling
  3. SeanMac16

    Mystery puck night

    I got nothing they were sold out sucks I was pretty excited for it...
  4. Hes getting so much credit for scoring it but the goalie was only playing net for a few months. He's a good friend of mine and he was a forward when I was playing . And the D should've stepped up if you watch the video that someone made at the game you can pause it and see the defencemens stick is like 2 inches from the puck and a little poke would've stopped the whole thing lol
  5. Haha he scored that goal on my old team colonia I'm glad I graduated in 2010 XP
  6. Kovy would've made that shot...then he took an arrow to the knee
  7. Anyone at the game think the singer that should.be Paul McCartney looks like brodeur? Possibly why he's scratched XD
  8. same here haha just thought i'd add my name
  9. Okay well my first attempt at this was a fail Haha but people seemed to like it so here it is like I said its just a place where we can wish each other happy birthday joke around and what not
  10. At least were consistent -.- Jesus christ
  11. Will Marty sign at STH meet and greet cuz Im going to one so if he signs there ill save my money
  12. Haha nah but their jerseys are pretty good for the price
  13. I see them at the big devils den downstairs all the time on the right side of the store
  14. Probably should've put this in off topic... wasn't sure since its about members of the boards
  15. SeanMac16

    Happy Birthday!

    So I've been seeing the birthday notifications and realized that we dont have a thread where members of the boards can wish one another well and point out things they do forI the boards and such post funny birthday joke photos and all that good stuff so ill do the first wishing happy birthday to 3cups:)
  16. Understood. However I feel Clarkson deserves some more credit than that haha
  17. Clarkson has been my favorite player since 07 its really great to see him really getting it done.and stepping up also being tied for most goals like he was before he broke his leg forever back IDR hope he keeps it up
  18. Love how goals like that get counted but parise's goal that barely touched his skate is a no goal. nice home cooking in Canada ehh?
  19. i would know these things if i didnt have dish network >.<
  20. i think its time for moose to start and marty sit in the back seat. whenever we get the first goal he seems to just relax and we almost always give a goal right back, moose tries so hard and it shows lets hope Pete makes the right call. Granted our offence needs work and put up more numbers as well, i think most would agree with me that moose would be the best choice between the pipes for now.
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