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  1. I got MW3 I like it haha if you have 360 pm me your gamer tag always looking for people to play
  2. Lets go devils get the win tonight!

  3. SeanMac16

    Wide Open Net

    Thats embarrassing I'm trying out for the NHL next week if these guys are missing empty netters lmao
  4. Would've broke my heart to man haha hope the devils come in strong and just take the game Let's go Devils!
  5. Completely. Agree with you losing zubs would be a loss and if we were to make a deal prospect and a pick would be best
  6. I was giving it a look just trying to see what people have here as well you know?
  7. If anyone has any right handed sticks from the sale they want to sell for around the same price sold there . willing to negotiate. I'm buying sticks to use on ice so please let me know the player and price on here or pm Thank you, Sean
  8. I love how all the comments on the article involve parise. Haha fat chance guys
  9. Hey man can you send me a message and ill give you my email I would like to see a picture of the gloves
  10. Anyone go to the parise signing. How was it?
  11. This is crazy im at the game and these guys have to wake up if they want to win this one
  12. thanks for the links i just bought 2 tickets for it. pretty excited
  13. Good game Devs beautiful goal to finish ill be there friday cant wait !
  14. yeah i have stupid Dish network and there in a b!tch fight so i cant watch it =/
  15. 77 ppl reading and noone wants to tell me okay thats cool i see how it is xp
  16. everyones just kinda feeling down =/

  17. how excatly do i sign up and pay for the tickets in slightly confused sorry =/
  18. yeah nahh i dont like it haha. BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!
  19. i had a white marty jersey from when it was our home color i love that jersey . had it my whole life and i wont get rid of it no matter how small it is haha mabye give it to my kid lol we'll see
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