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  1. Skyrim has consumed too much of my life for the past week.

    It's just too good. Just...:mindblown:

    MW3 is pretty good, brief but impressive campaign. The online is pretty much MW2.5, but I don't mind that personally. I loved MW2, hated Black Ops, so I'm glad they stuck to a successful formula.

    I got MW3 I like it haha if you have 360 pm me your gamer tag always looking for people to play

  2. Interesting proposition. Although we'd all like to see Larsson and Merill be the next #4 and #27, a unhappy talent like Carter could be acquired for a reasonable price. I'd hate to give up Zubrus, considering how well he's played with Patty and Petr, but maybe the jackets would accept a prospect/pick deal.

    Completely. Agree with you losing zubs would be a loss and if we were to make a deal prospect and a pick would be best

  3. Try going to meigray's site. They have tons of players stickers, past and present, for what you are looking to pay.

    I was giving it a look just trying to see what people have here as well you know?

  4. If anyone has any right handed sticks from the sale they want to sell for around the same price sold there . willing to negotiate. I'm buying sticks to use on ice so please let me know the player and price on here or pm

    Thank you,


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