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  1. they did this with the baseball oness too i guess their running out of ideas lol XP
  2. ehh ish happenss lol i dont have that kind of money someone else will enjoy it just as much
  3. is there any way you can come lower on the clarkson jersey i've been collecting and hes my favorite player so i'd buy it in a heart beat just dont have $400
  4. i think it looks pretty sick im excited to see it in action
  5. yeahh i def agree with that once again sets atmosphere lmao
  6. dangg haha hate to have that happen if this works out gabe you better come lmaoo your the only person i actually kinda know from the boards haha
  7. Clarkson is My Fav player and its really cool to see what he believes in you know? hes always such a nice guy which you would never know from him on ice. but its selfless things like that from some one who can get get his check and do nothing that make you kinda happy you know? great video
  8. SeanMac16


    elias. parise is good and he will get the C later on mabye, but i wanna see it on elias' jersey this season
  9. im still not quite sure what this is excatly or whos it for enlighten me please
  10. thanks man either way ill still go i just thing the busses would make it more of an experience.
  11. yeah im down haha i think the Busses would be cooler idk just add more of an atmosphere to it i guess haha i'd make a case for it =D
  12. gonna miss him but im glad things worked out for him. ill cheer for him when they come back to NJ. i usually boo gomez and paul martin lol
  13. hmmm interestingg i guess we'll see what happens
  14. good ish haha cant wait for the season guhh!!
  15. nothing on ebay and they had one at the silent auctionn during the games
  16. just saw this now yeah man it was good meeting you Solid guy haha not a creeper and the sruff he has is awesome will def be buying something else soon
  17. Hey ive been looking to buy a Zajac stick i tried to get one at the sale but they were like impossible to find if anyone has one they'd like to sell reply on here or something thank you
  18. its gonna suck losing marty=/ but i've been looking towards clermont since last year i hope he really shows his potential
  19. SeanMac16

    Flyers Sign Jagr

    its kinda cool to see him back ill probably watch a little bit
  20. i voted no i mean i would love for him to but he made it clear he will not be returning haha broke my heart
  21. They did it just wasnt in the video =pp haha
  22. welcome man see you in the posts brehh =p
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