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  1. i wish it could be Kovy/Parise/Zajac (killed last preseason) palmieri/ Elias/zubrus Clarkson/Josefson/Tedenby Rolston/Steckel/ Henrique Def. is fine btw the forwards arent in RW,C,LW order lol just saying
  2. Get 'em boii haha hate them flyers fans haha would've been better if the puck went through and hit the guy in the chest haha
  3. Yeah i got there at 7 am and then i was hearing i still probably wasnt gonna get anything good so i checked some sites and got 2 tickets for 30 a piece at GameStub.com def doing it next year if i gont get vip with my renewal tickets
  4. SeanMac16

    Trade Poll

    id like to keep parise he scored 40 goals in a season when he wasnt hurt which is more kovy put up this season id rather just keep him hes a great member hes a fan fav. and hes just a jersey guy haha =D
  5. haha happens to the best of us and im in the woodbridge area and i can get a team started up for adult league in like 3 days haha let me know if your down
  6. Ouchhh lol i have an EQ 50 atm and i love it to death but im scared its gonna snap soon (surprised it hasnt already) but im gonna stock up on some total ones and some s 19's this year haha
  7. haha just friendly jokes i believe i has no hard feelings but yeah dude there were alot of sticks when i showed up last year but alll leftys which would be fine for me to collect but im looking for stuff to use to play you know ? lol
  8. lol i just saw it now but im glad that your captain crunch was untainted lol yeah i was just trying to be ambitious and get them you know i do admit i over posted but the more post you make the better to get noticed got your attention right? haha but yeah im just gonna wait outside REALLY early to make sure i get at least something worth it
  9. SeanMac16

    Trade Poll

    Hmm i didnt know that, ill look into it
  10. lmao woahh buddy someone found a bug in their captian crunch this morning lmao. sorry just sick of going there and everythings gone nothing but lefty sticks there. no gloves nothing, suckss but whatever sorry if my posting upset you =p
  11. SeanMac16

    Trade Poll

    your right lol -sad face- And Quinn i agree with you. if anything im sure they can do a one year deal to keep him and have time to make a good deal for both partys risky but it might work
  12. this is a tough one but i have to say it was given to the right guy as much as we all may love marty the conn smythe was given to the right guy marty still got the cup and thats gotta be better then anything
  13. SeanMac16

    Trade Poll

    hmm i wish there was a way to come out with parise and stamkos but this is reality lmao
  14. SeanMac16


    lol i guess no one liked mine haha that took some time im just trying to shrink it down but my computer is stupid
  15. went to the dano signingg the sale prices were scaled to say the least and heres a big shockerr Dano never showed -.-
  16. SeanMac16


    Just made this the numbers spell believe if someone can shrink that down for me id be happy lol
  17. SeanMac16

    Help Jake

    im gonna try to go to the fund raiser my brother works up there so i'll try to get him and a bunch of his friends to go too
  18. kinda wanna go but $109 just isnt doing it for me =/
  19. holy sh!t dude theres a car flipped over on fire looks like it blew up. all over a team that lost thats ridic these candaians are insane jesus christ
  20. Shut out lmaoo And Tim Thomas soo deserved the Conn Smythe i actually got pissed when the bruins were on the ice and the fans were booing them and cheering Canada like come on?! but what ever the better team won and that was what i wanted for my birthday which is in like 20 min lmaoo
  21. I hope Boston just comes out there today and smokes them. Tim Thomass needs the conn smythe!!
  22. no way dude GOLF there in the heat all day lmaoo jk hockey players were tough as nails man haha you have to be to play the sport i got hit with a elbow in the slot broke my nose got up crossed over to the back door crease called for the puck and scored haha i love the heart in hockey baseball is just a bunch of over paid babies "ouchesss my shoulder hurts" lmaoo
  23. haha i thank my crappy summer job for those man. haha work full time and part time over the summer to save up for them but its worth it haha
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