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  1. I'll be there walking around somewhere, so you guys have seen my picture and what i look like if you see me say whats up haha
  2. Ken Daneyko is gonna be at the Woodbridge Community center on saturday June 18th 6-9 pm there chargeing 45 bucks i think. its for the kid eric legrande who got hurt playing rutgers football there also selling sports memorabilia there i dont know if anyones interested but i thought i should post it
  3. I hope we resign him it'll be interesting to see how this plays out
  4. i hope they keep him his voice is like iconic for hockey haha
  5. i think we deff. need to get a good D man on the ice it just seems like we werent bringing it on the defence last season
  6. what a lying (add choice word here) you pay so much for season tickets and they fricken lie to your face like that cuz i said i wanted early access and she said there was none thats messed up
  7. SOooooo i talked to the lady whom i bought my season tickets from and she told me that there is no early access pass this year....
  8. they dont care lol i walked in there last year without a ticket and they said do you have a ticket and i said ticket? lmaoo and they gave me the paper with the number on it anyway
  9. Like im not trying to buy someones perks i am a STH but for some reason when i keep asking the lady about early admission to the sale she changes the subject i guess its cuz im a new holder hmmph....sucks
  10. Any early access passes that wont be used i need 2 ifanyone has any info or passes they need taken off their hands haha let me know please=D will pay cash haha
  11. who knows where to get the VIP tickets ?
  12. YEah june 24th is the big day haha im still trying to get VIP tickets its driving me crazy if anyone know please tell me haha im dying here or if i figure it out ill post up the link or whatever here
  13. I see they put it out there but now i dont know how to get the VIP tickets you have to make a $20 donation to the devils alumni which is fine i just cant find out where to do it haha
  14. i love this sale but i never get anything i wanna get vip tickets cuz everythings always gone and i get so mad cuz i waste the gas and time for nothing hmm still looking to find the VIP tickets been looking for like 2 hours now
  15. I really like that we kept moose he really come through for us a towards the end of the season just like every other player we had did. he was even voted 2nd best from the NHL that one time i dont remember when haha and hes a nice guy lmao i hope we can work something out with him cuz i actually felt comfortable having him in net more so than bringing in someone else you know ?
  16. Thank you haha i went last year but by time i got there everything was gone =(
  17. Wish the new season would start already haha

  18. I've been looking everywhere for a David Clarkson pro stock stick to use when i play but cant find one can someone help?? haha if not do you know when that sale is they have sometime in june and when the VIP tickets go on sale?
  19. Hey everyone im brand new to this i've been being told to check this out at the games so i did and here i am haha I'm Sean 18 yrs been a devs fan since i was 5. Full season ticket holder and just love to talk about hockey haha also converted my girlfriend into a hockey fan so kudos to me haha see you guys on the fourms =D
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