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  1. I've tried 3 different times with 3 different names just to see:


    Is the link I got all 3 times. The link is the same, I know the images are the same, it's the same ticket. The only thing they could do to ensure that you *signed up* and didn't just get a ticket photocopy is use the entry you submitted to put your name on the list and recquire you to use photo-ID to get into the area, but the fact that it says it will be also held outside on the street I can't imagine they're checking tickets.

    The 'ticket' thing is probably just to keep the thing in memory for the people who were on the fence about going. If you just read a thing online that said DRAFT PARTY JUNE 24th, that's one thing. But if you thought "hmm, maybe my family and I would want to go" and went through the trouble of printing off tickets for your family and kept them at home, it's stuck in your head a little more.

    I'd bet money that they won't turn away people who don't have "tickets"

    they dont care lol i walked in there last year without a ticket and they said do you have a ticket and i said ticket? lmaoo and they gave me the paper with the number on it anyway

  2. Here's a question. Why are the Devils not doing ID entry for STH's for the equipment sale/draft party? Perhaps this is something that should be relayed to the marketing department instead of crap like goal songs.

    I would never be a STH based on perks, of course. No one should that goes without saying. However, if you are going to offer me perks to entice me or as a "special benefit" for my money, those perks should be for me and for fellow STH only. Not for people who are not STH and do not spend thousands on tickets to recieve the perks of being a STH without being one.

    I've attended STH events where i was given tickets and i've got to tell you i think it's unfair even if i am one of those who do not belong there.

    Like im not trying to buy someones perks i am a STH but for some reason when i keep asking the lady about early admission to the sale she changes the subject i guess its cuz im a new holder hmmph....sucks

  3. YEah june 24th is the big day haha im still trying to get VIP tickets its driving me crazy if anyone know please tell me haha im dying here or if i figure it out ill post up the link or whatever here

  4. i love this sale but i never get anything i wanna get vip tickets cuz everythings always gone and i get so mad cuz i waste the gas and time for nothing hmm still looking to find the VIP tickets been looking for like 2 hours now

  5. I really like that we kept moose he really come through for us a towards the end of the season just like every other player we had did. he was even voted 2nd best from the NHL that one time i dont remember when haha and hes a nice guy lmao i hope we can work something out with him cuz i actually felt comfortable having him in net more so than bringing in someone else you know ?

  6. Hey everyone im brand new to this i've been being told to check this out at the games so i did and here i am haha I'm Sean 18 yrs been a devs fan since i was 5. Full season ticket holder and just love to talk about hockey haha also converted my girlfriend into a hockey fan so kudos to me haha see you guys on the fourms =D

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