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  1. I'm definitely not a huge fan on these outdoor expansions. It ruins the spectacle of the Winter Classic, IMO That being said; I'm going to try to attend the game.
  2. Preferably without. I feel like it would be off-center with the circle.
  3. I'm looking to make a shirt with solely the 'J' part of the logo (kind of like the one on Marty's mask). However, I'm unable to find the 'J' as a picture without the 'N' and I'm absolutely terrible at Photoshop. Can anyone help me out here?
  4. NHLeBeau44

    Drew Doughty

    Do you actually know anyone who has wrapped their car around a pole? My neighbor did, he was 16 years old, his dad never recovered and is an alcoholic now. Do you actually know anyone that has been killed in a car accident on Christmas morning? 3 of my closest friends have, by a drunk driver going the wrong way on the highway. Before you go and say something stupid like that, think about who you're talking to and have some humanity. I'm sorry about your friend; no one should get raped, but what you said was way out of line. On the fact that it's impossible for professional athletes to rape someone, I know a lot about the Big Ben situation; my uncle coaches for the Steelers. I've never defended Ben, because I've met him and he's a jerk. He may have did it, we'll never know. These people are humans as well and can get accused of anything, just like the rest of us; they are just more high profiled. In the court of public opinion, Doughty, Ben, Kobe, Lawrence Taylor and every other famous athlete/celebrity accused of sexual assault is a sex offender/rapist. Their life will never be the same, whether they did it or not.
  5. I don't understand why people think the Kings are so much better than everyone. Yeah, they haven't lost a road game, their longest series is 5 games and Quick has been great but they played a fraudulent Vancouver team that is unable to score and has spotty goal-tending. St. Louis, who didn't have Jaro Halak and are a defensive team that doesn't really score either. Phoenix just didn't match up well with LA. I'm not saying LA isn't a great team, because they are, but they aren't the team everyone thinks they are. I believe having not played a long series will hurt LA. Sometimes you need that adversity of a come-from-behind series win to know you can do. This will be a great series, nonetheless.
  6. Cheers to everyone. Time for a few victory shots. :cheers:
  7. Does anyone by chance have an Andy Greene jersey they are willing to sell? My brother was recently accepted into the University of Miami of Ohio (Greene's alma mater) and is a big Devils fan as well. I'm trying to find something Miami/Devils related for his 18th birthday in July. He's about 6'4 so he wears about an XL or XXL. Thanks in advance.
  8. As long as Kramer doesn't punch Ken Daneyko in the mouth, it will be a success.
  9. Don't worry, Ohio folk don't know about the Jersey Devil either. The girlfriends extremely religious parents hate when I wear my Devils gear so I do it quite frequently. Anyways, I'm not one for the creativity either but they'd probably have to roll with the trident or NJ Devil's head. I'd be okay with "New Jersey" going diagonal down the front but that's too close to the Rags so I doubt it'd happen.
  10. In order to get the full effect of the 3rd jersey, it'd have to be a brand new logo. They couldn't just do a black version of the current jerseys and still expect a great revenue rise. With a new logo, you'd sell jerseys, hats, pucks, the whole shebang and the profit margin would be significantly higher.
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