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  1. Does Exclusive Pro ever have promotions on their numbering pricing? I am looking to get one of Merrill/Gelinas/Elias/Schneider, but I would be willing to wait to send a jersey in if the price goes down for the job on it. Also, how does the process work with EP? You just send the jersey with the piece of paper, and then get billed when they finished it?
  2. There is still supposed to be an awards ceremony event near the last game of the season. I went today. Got Jagr, Brodeur, Schneider, Ruutu, Zubrus, Clowe, Brunner, Carter, and Merrill. Special thing with Merrill - I heard he liked Chipotle. so since I yesterday went to one, I got him a gift card. He had a good laugh about it, and was actually going right after to get some. *success*
  3. Unless we trade for his water bottle also, no.
  4. THIS is where we stop all of the negativity. We still have 14 games left. Are the next 5 tough? sure, but they CAN do it. What was the motto of the second half of the season a couple years ago? B-E-L-I-E-V-E. That is what needs to happen. Believe in this team, believe what we can win. BELIEVE that we can make it into the playoffs. Is it depressing to watch when they lose these games? yes, but you have the endure the bad to cherish the good. Did we beat Boston before? Yes. Sure it was fluky, but the team showed then could play against them. Home vs Minny. Parise is back. Emotions will be high from the fans, and hopefully the team will respond to it. I'm sure Schnieder is sick of losing too. Did we beat the Rangers before? Hell yeah. I'm pretty sure Marty will also want some sort of revenge from the Stadium Series game. Toronto next. We can play them. The games against them went to the shootout. If we win one of the game before hand, expect some sort of momentum. Phoenix later. Marty had a horrible game against them, and we probably get a point out of the game if he does not gave up those 2 softies. This schedule is not impossible. Stop quiting on this team, and support them until the end. Believe in them. We are due for some sort of winning streak, and why not start it Tuesday?
  5. I'm thinking about buying a new jersey. My main question is what size should I go for? I'm going to be buying a premier one. I am about 5'-10", and weigh almost 175... i know, a bit chunky, Thanks
  6. First time I heard about this. Can someone pass some info about it? Thanks
  7. Just realized that even if we even only won 3 shootouts this season (3-5) we would be second in the division.
  8. Must have been Shaq "breaking the ice."
  9. All star game maybe? Usually places that the draft take place in have it within the next few years
  10. snartly

    BuffaLOL @ The Rock

    Could someone post how the coat drive vouchers looked? Of course, you should cover of blur out the code, but I just want to see the design on one of them
  11. You must choose the will call option. That is how I got mine.
  12. snartly

    Caption This

    Decided to look through the photo gallery of the game vs the kings. Came past this beauty: Have fun!
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