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    NHL '13 Online?

    PS3 right here. snartly99 is my psn
  2. Best season was 2010-11. He had 24 goals, and 38 assists in 75 games.
  3. Well, we still have 8 million via capgeek. Hopefully, we can get a scorer like Brunner.
  4. Too much for a guy who struggled to SCORE last year. Looks like Clarkson won't come back...
  5. snartly

    2013 NHL Draft

    Anyone have an extra pair of tickets to the draft? I haven't been able to acquire any yet. Thanks
  6. I added à pretty old, but gold comment on that thread. Might be random, but lets see their usual remarks back.
  7. Anyone else notice on the Ward goal tonight, the position of the players were eerily similar to the Kolvalchuk goal in game 6 of the conference finals last year? Just executed differently. An Oates special play. I'll update when the vid comes up on youtube for Ward's.
  8. snartly

    2013 NHL Draft

    Couldn't something happen like with Radulov, except the other way around?
  9. The All Star himself. Clapping bombs and bacardi all day long, while 50 in '07 is hanged in the rafters
  10. Here you go: http://nutjob.eu/njtvx18.html
  11. snartly

    2013 NHL Draft

    STH have priority, and any other tickets still not used are open to the public. At least that is how others have gone
  12. snartly

    2013 NHL Draft

    Tickets are free of you get them from the team. Prices on the secondary market may go up to 20
  13. Giroux was more like 22nd ovr I think, or something in the 20's More closer to our pick wise, Erik Karlsson, just as a forward. you van pretty much though class Karlsson as a forward though. He was picked 15th ovr
  14. 5th will either be Barkov or Nikushkin, unless one of Drouin or McKinnon would fall, which is highly unlikely
  15. Why did we win today? We would have been in a MUCH better situation drafting wise if we lost today. We would already at this time have the 8th pick, with it being possibly 7th if Calgary wins.
  16. Lets just make sure that we lose the rest of out games, come back next year with a fire, and then bomb the year after. If McDavid is the real deal.
  17. What about Dougie Hamilton? He has had a pretty immediate impact scoring wise.
  18. Best we can probably get would be 6th place, unless Tampa and/or Nashville, win the rest of their games, in which we could go down to 4th pick at best
  19. Trade 2 of the 3 for picks: Bryce Salvador Henrik Tallinder Anton Volchenkov Re-sign Zid. We have then Greene, Fayne, Zidlicky, Larsson, and 1 of the 3 if we do not do anything about all 3. Bring up one of the younger D-men in the AHL (Gelinas, Urbom, Merrill(Though he might need one for season to get used to a higher quality playing style)) Re-sign Harrold to be the 7th D-man. There will be some injuries along the way, so having him, along with the 3 in the AHL still, we should be safe, and have a good offensive side, along with a good defensive presence.
  20. Unless we win the rest of our games this year to have a chance, looks like it might be best to bomb the rest, and get a higher pick.There is next year. Maybe we can get some scorer in FA, and pick a forward in the draft.
  21. Wow. Richers jersey and stick went for 3K. Two people pit that much
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