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  1. Anyone want to do a NJD meetup somewhere?
  2. I just want them to look at every instance carefully. If this was 4 games, then they should have at least looked at the Seguin hit on Zajac.
  3. It may be a stupid question, but with the luck we are having, and with the results recently, maybe we should play for the better draft pick. Hate or not, this looks like a pretty deep draft, so maybe getting a star player at #5 would be better for the team in the future. Thoughts?
  4. "Finish, finish, finish. And i'm not talking about the country" Nhl 13 reference
  5. And the former devils returns keep coming. Low price paid, but we have now too many 3rd-4th line players for 2 lines.
  6. He has scored 2 goals from the point. Try to do something like Burns in San Jose, at least for some time, until we get Poni/Zubs/Kovy back.
  7. Play Harrold or Larsson as a forward. No other choice right now, unless you want to play that stud Cam Janssen.
  8. Colin M in 226. Pretty sure that is our own colin226. Congrats man if it is you!
  9. He can't play in the AHL or for the Devils until Sarnia's season is over
  10. Don't think so, but prices are supposedly better
  11. Well, it is no longer there
  12. How many goals does Boucher have nowadays? 61?
  13. Code: devils It is so far the master code so to speak for all of the deals here
  14. WOW! Did any of you see this??? : I keed. But, inspect element is a damn fun thing to use
  15. If you will be able to only sell a pair, I would be interested
  16. JVBs the owner. Pretty hard to fire him
  17. If him not resigning is true, Anaheim would probably try to get something back for him. Nothing too big, but something as a compensation. Why not try to get him in a deal like how we got Kovy? Some d-man, a propsect of some sort, and another prospect/forward/pick.
  18. Zidlicky on the ice for all 3 goals against. Horrendous game. He is not an NHL defenseman, or at least he is not showing it at all.
  19. Has anyone ever been in one of the suites? How is it, and what "perks" are there in them? I am thinking about getting a pair for today.
  20. snartly

    Birthday cake

    Devils logo Banner of all 3 cups Favorite player jersey Ticket of a memorable game you went to Half retro/half regular jersey These just came off the top of my head. Might want to go to that place in Hoboken where Cake Boss is filmed to get it, lol.
  21. As the title states. Please send me a pm if you have 2 available for sale.
  22. Loktionov is wearing No. 21 -- previously worn this season by Mattias Tedenby.
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