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  1. "Lamoriello said that Josefson's play had dropped off recently and that they want him to go to Albany and get his confidence back." This also give them a chance to play Loktionov tomorrow vs. Ottawa. Loktionov is in Josefson's spot on the fourth line today with Barch/Matteau, Butler. The other three lines remain the same.
  2. Lol, both of us posted it. I just missed by a couple seconds
  3. What behavior in LA? At the club after gm 6? How does Butler suck? He looks like Sykora with that set play on the PP. His assist he got vs PIT went of the crossbar, and oh yeah, he scored a goal that game too. His shot is superb, and why send him down after having some pretty strong games, and evident chemistry?
  4. Probably won't happen, but it is worth a shot in the dark: Anaheim will probably have to trade 1/2 of their 3 superstars. If we can get one of Getzlaf/Perry/Ryan, I would not mind. The only question is what would we be giving up. I would not want to trade Ja Jo, but if we can ship one of our D-men, a defensive prospect probably, and a second or something like that, I would not mind. But Iginla is probably the most likely to be traded. He's a very good veteran presence, and can teach some of the youngsters some good leadership skills, and could be nice to have next to Zajac and Kovy as a RW
  5. Maybe I should work on my golf game a bit more....
  6. https://oss.ticketmaster.com/html/group_corp_start.htmI?l=EN&team=devils&owner=11229245&group=596&err=&event=&customerID= PW: devils ticket offer for tonights and tuesdays game, kids club offer.$34 for mezanine and all the 100's essentially.
  7. https://oss.ticketmaster.com/html/group_corp_start.htmI?l=EN&team=devils&owner=11229245&group=590&err=&event=&customerID= PW: devils Club tickets for tonights game at $75 each, and rust level for $35.
  8. snartly

    Separated at Birth?

    http://www.nwsportsbeat.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Zack-Kassian-Under-The-Spotlight.jpg http://www.lambcity.com/images/LCC%20Hillbilly%20weekend%202004/hillbilly19.jpg
  9. Go on wiziwig for streams, and get on the forums. Nutjob has good streams always, and is using the devils stream right now
  10. I can see Malkin going out into FA. He might now want to be second behind Crosby anymore, and want to prove to his "old team" that he can play better. But it is just a dream
  11. Lol. Everytime Clarkson is in the corner for a puxk, he swipes his stick around, thinking "this will fool him everytime"
  12. I have a friend who wants to go. Is the ticket still available?
  13. snartly

    Does Matteau stay?

    Has he played good?: yes. Does he need to develop more?: Yes Would you rather have Butler up?: That is the main question, which I feel is yes.
  14. snartly

    OOT Thread

    Pretty sure they are 2 dollar bills, and they pit them around and behind the goals on both sides, since $2 bills are considered lucky, so they did it to pretty much bring luck to the team. It didn't work, as shown in games 2 and 5
  15. Looking for a pair of tickets to this game. Preferably in the 100's section
  16. Hes been tearing it up the past two games as a rookie. Is he going to keep producing around this? Or is he a One-Season-Wonder?
  17. Is it possible a trade with the islanders? I wouldnt mind getting someone like Okposo
  18. Brodeur is the obvious choice for this. The islanders defense is pretty much randoms, and who knows, maybe Nabokov hasnt seen a shot in some time
  19. I am willing to give up my second overall pick for a mid-rounder (6-12) and a second. Mid rounder being in the first round, but 6-12 pick
  20. If he can do this, I don't mind at all giving him that much But even if they tender his offer, and he does not sign by a date (not too sure when it is this year) he becomes a UFA for next year
  21. It is only for his rights, but if he won't sign, why waste time for him just to become a FA instead of trying to get some type of compensation for him?
  22. I see Jamie Benn at this time one to try to go after. He is having contract difficulties at this time, so maybe we can get his rights
  23. Bernier has pretty much no trade value If anyone is being traded, it will include one of the 8dmen we have in camp, and possibly Tedenby
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