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  1. I have 2 sites that are very good. I'll pm you them. The jerseys go for about 50 on these two sites
  2. Supposedly, talks for contracts with Subban and Benn have not been doing well. Is it possible, with the cap space we have, to buy Benn's rights?
  3. Why? In their back to back games, they really dont have to travel much at all between them. I feel the NHL did the best they could surrounding their distance between areas
  4. Mine is the New Jersey Angels. Sound clean, play dirty.
  5. Rangers have in their first 4 games 2 back-to-backs
  6. Here's an easier way to it: Sat Jan 19, 2013 @ Islanders 7:00 PM Tue Jan 22, 2013 Vs. Flyers 7:30 PM Fri Jan 25, 2013 Vs. Capitals 7:00 PM Sun Jan 27, 2013 @ Canadiens 6:00 PM Tue Jan 29, 2013 @ Bruins 7:00 PM Thu Jan 31, 2013 Vs.Islanders 7:00 PM Sat Feb 2, 2013 @ Penguins 1:00 PM Sun Feb 3, 2013 @ Islanders 3:00 PM Tue Feb 5, 2013 Vs. Rangers 7:00 PM Thu Feb 7, 2013 Vs. Lightning 7:00 PM Sat Feb 9, 2013 Vs. Penguins 1:00 PM Sun Feb 10, 2013 @ Penguins 7:30 PM Tue Feb 12, 2013 Vs. Hurricanes 7:00 PM Fri Feb 15, 2013 Vs. Flyers 7:00 PM Sat Feb 16, 2013 @ Islanders 7:00 PM Mon Feb 18, 2013 Vs. Senators 1:00 PM Thu Feb 21, 2013 @ Capitals 7:00 PM Sat Feb 23, 2013 @ Capitals 12:00 PM Sun Feb 24, 2013 Vs. Jets 5:00 PM Thu Feb 28, 2013 @ Jets 8:00 PM Sat Mar 2, 2013 @ Sabres 3:00 PM Mon Mar 4, 2013 @ Maple Leafs 7:00 PM Tue Mar 5, 2013 Vs. Lightning 7:00 PM Thu Mar 7, 2013 Vs. Sabres 7:00 PM Sat Mar 9, 2013 @ Hurricanes 7:00 PM Sun Mar 10, 2013 Vs. Jets 7:00 PM Wed Mar 13, 2013 Vs. Flyers 7:30 PM Fri Mar 15, 2013 @ Flyers 7:00 PM Sat Mar 16, 2013 Vs. Canadiens 7:00 PM Tue Mar 19, 2013 Vs. Rangers 7:00 PM Thu Mar 21, 2013 @ Hurricanes 7:00 PM Sat Mar 23, 2013 Vs. Panthers 7:00 PM Mon Mar 25, 2013 @ Senators 7:30 PM Fri Mar 29, 2013 @ Lightning 7:30 PM Sat Mar 30, 2013 @ Panthers 7:30 PM Mon Apr 1, 2013 Vs. Islanders 7:00 PM Thu Apr 4, 2013 @ Bruins 7:00 PM Sat Apr 6, 2013 Vs. Maple Leafs 7:00 PM Sun Apr 7, 2013 @ Sabres 7:00 PM Wed Apr 10, 2013 Vs. Bruins 7:30 PM Fri Apr 12, 2013 Vs. Senators 7:00 PM Mon Apr 15, 2013 @ Maple Leafs 7:00 PM Thu Apr 18, 2013 @ Flyers 7:30 PM Sat Apr 20, 2013 Vs. Panthers 1:00 PM Sun Apr 21, 2013 @ Rangers TBD Tue Apr 23, 2013 Vs. Canadiens 7:00 PM Thu Apr 25, 2013 Vs. Penguins 7:30 PM Sat Apr 27, 2013 @ Rangers TBD
  7. I'll join. Which site are we using for this?
  8. I am sorry if this is considered into the lockout thread. Well, it is only one more week till the season starts! I'm counting the HOURS till the season starts, just can't wait for hockey again. Anyone else as excited, or still angry? So, it is 7 days, and 12 hours roughly till the season starts
  9. snartly

    Anthony Brodeur

    I actually live on the same street as his best man at his wedding, so I seem him once in a while. I remember during the 4th of July break, he said that Anthony didn't want to be drafted by the devils, but actually of one of the rival teams. It makes sense in some type of way.
  10. Even though they have been in a meeting for 13 hours, I have no hope for a deal to be done. I've been disappointed too many times about these meetings, and chances of a deal being done.
  11. snartly

    2013 NHL Draft

    What has happened about the tickets to this event? When and how will they be given?
  12. Voted. Just as a question, were you at game 6 vs the rangers near the drummers? You remind me of someone I met there.
  13. Definitely deserves a thread. Happy birthday to 1/3 of the best 4th line the devils have ever produced!
  14. Actually, probably the best bet is to wait until the season starts. At the silent auctuion table on the upper concourse, they usually sell the three retirement banners as a set, which usually goes not much more than $60-$75. That's at least how I got my set.
  15. At least we got a good PP coach. 2nd in the league i'll take everyday in the week, and twice on sundays.
  16. About Development canp, are people able to go there and watch? Or is it like a regular LL thing, and not open to the public? I was thinking about meeting some of the future Devils.
  17. What?! Why?! HOW?! Now, Lou needs to pull a miracle out of his a$$ to get some assistant coaches, while trying to get some players to help the team in the ice.
  18. Actually, one of my friends neighbors was Marty's best man at his wedding, and was at his 4th of July BBQ. Marty's knees are supposedly hurting him, and should take 3 months to recover. His son actually, does not want to be drafted by the Devils. Supposedly, he want to be drafted by the flyers or the rangers. I have no idea why, that's just what I heard from them.
  19. Does anyone really care if we overspend a bit on Semin, just to have him as Parise 2.0, but actually a better person and player?
  20. Nothing on twitter about it at all
  21. I don't know if this would be more creepy than supportive, but I have Zajac's address in Jersey. Maybe we could send him letters telling him to sign back with jersey before July 1, just maybe he would. But, even if we did not, he would choose wether or not to do so.
  22. Well, with Parise gone, everyone can agree that we need a winger or 2 of some sorts, and that we have a lot of D'men right now. So, why not have some trade ideas possible that the devils could make to get a winger, of someone of importance to us.
  23. We really don't need any more tough guys. We can't even get Knuble, or a big body in front who scored more than 10 goals in their career. Knuble would best fit Poni's loss, even though he is old (40 yrs)
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