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  1. Bastian won't sniff the top 9. Highly doubt he gets past the first couple rounds of demotions to Bing in camp.
  2. Add Noesen. Quenneville/McLeod is 11. FWIW Coleman was left on the updated Devils website roster. Maybe 1 more depth/veteran signing. If it is Zajac-Hischier-McLeod-Boyle down the middle I would certaintly not want to leave rooks out to dry. It is a balance. As the forwards are now: Hall -- Zajac -- Palmieri Henrique -- Hischier -- Zacha Quenneville -- McLeod - XXX/Noesen Wood -- Boyle -- XXX/Noesen Coleman/Blandisi/Pietila McLeod as #3C is worrisome only because there is a chance, especially with the current defense, that that 3rd line is going be pinned a lot. I don't know, I think Shero needs to a top 9 RW.
  3. So in short, this scraps Vatanen being moved anywhere?
  4. Mayday

    Nico or Nolan

    That is how I interpreted it. Friedman was strictly speculating.
  5. Last night was particularly brutal. A lot of Devils fan being obnoxious and it is evident they have no clue what is going on. Can't count how many times the same people repeated "shoot the puck" and "hit somebody" last night.
  6. Need more zone penetration tonight. Not enough creativity and speed last night to create quality chances.
  7. Cammalleri - Zajac - Tlusty Quenneville - Henrique - Palmieri Elias - Josefson - Ruutu Matteau - XXX - Kennedy Tootoo XXX = Kalinin, O'Brien, Gionta, etc. Greene - Larsson Severson - Merrill Gelinas - Schlemko Moore Schneider Kinkaid Some thoughts: - I think Quenneville is more versatile/effective than Boucher - Matteau has been eh - Kennedy would be a solid 4th line addition - Tootoo should be the 13th forward - The Elias/Josefson/Ruutu line isn't amazing
  8. Last year: Komisarek, Kaberle, Fedotenko on PTOs This year: Kennedy, Stempniak, signed Tlusty late Its refreshing not seeing early-mid 2000s players at camp.
  9. He signed a 5 year deal post Parise/Kovalchuk and we were already missing the playoffs. I don't think Cammalleri is upset at all here. With that said I'd explore the trade route in 3 years for sure.
  10. Worst case scenario is Larsson is a good middle pairing guy with a competent partner. At $4M thats OK, not great but this won't handicap the payroll in the future.
  11. I don't feel miserable at all as a Devils fan. We just started a new era, we have stable owners, new upper level management, and a young foundation. Sure there are transitional pains and growing pains but misery would be being a Coyotes fan at the present moment, not at all a Devils fan. And Lou did not "bail" on the organization. This guy is a hack and it shows because he is working for SI.
  12. I know, I wanted to miss the playoffs for another couple of years. I don't know if I understand this from Toronoto POV. Great GM who will certainly make the Leafs a tight ship but long term I guess they are grooming Dubas.
  13. Yeah man, this scrimmage makes me think half of the guys owned by NJ will make it cause they played well in development camp. Get real. 29 other fanbases are raving about their development scrimmages as well.
  14. This is a nice deal because if Santini/Moore/etc. take a step this year/next year Gelinas can be a valuable piece in a trade. RFA at end of contract and very friendly cap hit for the next 2 years. Obviously this is just thinking ahead. I hope he continues to be a offensive juggernaut.
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