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  1. 24 minutes ago, CRASHER said:

    I'm more annoyed about Mixon, there's no defendable stance for wasting high picks on QB's in any form of fantasy football draft now :lol:

    But since we're living in the past.... might as well whip out an OLD GEM..... the M A N T A  B L O C K

    RB: Alex Collins

    There is nothing quite as $ati$fying in fantasy football terms then a Manta Block

  2. Waivers?
    After reconsideration, waivers can be annoying too, leave it as is. No for waivers.

    Draft Winner picks his spot next year?
    Oh Heck No

    Change PPR to Points Per First Down

    Add Second IR Spot?
    Oh Heck Yes

    Remove Kickers from roster?

    if no, then remove points for PAT?

    No. A point is a point is a point

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