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  1. Not I...I want 22 changes, in 33 parts....I have a lot of grievances to air!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Im really debating between Jimmy the wannabe WR Graham and QB Matthew Stafford, CRASHER's favorite pick I ever made
  3. Go Germany! But I think Germany is playing a couple players down today...Brazil and Refs vs Germany
  4. Good signing here: Low risk, possibly high reward move for the Devils
  5. 1 million for Volenchkov? Sounds like 999K too much!
  6. I must agree the draft shennanigans are one of the best aspects of fantasy football CMON MANTA!
  7. I'm back and better then ever, ready for another season of broken dreams, disappointments, and my liver taking a pounding courtesy of my fantasy team and the Buffalo Bills
  8. And the Bills played without their top 4 CB's and moved a FS to CB! CMON EXCU$E$!!!!
  9. I agree but we all know what Roger will do: Add 2 more weeks and water down the NFL even more. He is leading the NFL on an inevitable path to decline.
  10. The division absolutely stinks, and that is not an understatement. Pats* play almost any other NFL teams and they are probably 0-2.
  11. NFL Season is over for me. Another year of lies and deceit. EJ Losman looked like I figured, defense is a sieve. Bring on the Knicks,
  12. Yahoo made me the Paper Champions! YES!!!!! Here I come 4-9! LOL And to add I am serious here: No team should get an A when drafting a Raider RB like I did LOL
  13. Mike Nugent, Cincinnati and I am DONE...off to get excited for a 77-12 Bills loss Sunday
  14. I have tons of RB's that is what you get when mcFadden is your #2 haha
  15. Well if we change the rule to count defenses only for the first 3 quarters...it's a gem!
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