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  1. Going forward with Free Agency: You always have to keep an eye on teams in Florida, Texas, Tennessee and Nevada: Because they can offer almost 10% less and the player nets the same $. Unless those teams are completely capped out, they are always now a threat. Fix the cap Gary to close this advantage.
  2. It's been an embarrassing run for the Sabres to say the least. I do think the Sabres finally have the right GM (Wish they had Botterill when the tank first began) but we were all fooled by Tim Murray. As for the Devils, you have to be excited and encouraged by what you are seeing. Elite player in Taylor Hall, good cap space, a really good young core. Should be a fun ride for a Devils fan for the foreseeable future
  3. Don't have much to add other then: Lets the Rasmus Dahlin era commence! And if the Sabres somehow do not take Rasmus or deal #1, I will personally fly to Buffalo and remove GM Jason Botterill from his office.
  4. Jets getting Darnold UGH. I hope Giants fans can live with making the Jets great and passing on Darnold for a RB.
  5. As for a recap of the Buffalo draft: I admit at first I wasn't pleased. Most of this was from just a general lack of watching Josh Allen. I can see why the Bills like him, and why Arizona's FIRST choice was to move to 5 for Josh Allen and Arizona settled for Rosen. Allen could go bust, but can't they all? Bills just need to be patient with Allen and give him the tools to succeed. Buffalo getting Tremaine Edwards at 16 for me was a theft. And Harrison Phillips at DT is basically Kyle Williams JR. Great Bills draft, Sabres get Dahlin, what in the world is going on around here??!?
  6. I went to HS with his Dad and uncles. Great player, even better young man. Dolphins got just the player they need. Minkah can change the culture of that franchise.
  7. I would but I I will be watching the draft at a bar so idk how that will work
  8. Gettleman seems like an old school GM so I can see them taking Saquon. To me its been awhile to say this: The Top 5 of this draft is truly anyone's guess at this point, I don't remember a draft so unpredictable this late in the game.
  9. Possible, the Giants to me should move on from Eli. Eli has been below average for years and those who deny it deep down know it.
  10. When I heard the Jets traded for the 3rd pick it really REALLY made things difficult for Buffalo and since they paid so much, it changed the price-point for the 2nd pick. I agree with you, if I am the Giants I take Rosen, that is who I want for Buffalo (Darnold to Cleveland IMO is a done deal) But I have a feeling this is how it goes down: 1. Cleveland- Sam Darnold 2. NY Giants - Saquon Barkey 3 - NY Jets - Josh Rosen 4- Cleveland - Bradley Chubb 5 -- Buffalo (From Denver) - Baker Mayfield
  11. Less then 2 weeks till the Draft: As a Bills fan I can't wait till its over: The exhausting amount of mock drafts and trade talks has burned me out. I'm still hoping for Sam Darnold, but I think its unlikely as even if the Browns pass on Sam at 1, I see the Giants taking Darnold at 2. Josh Rosen is really intriguing, has all the tools, it's all about what is in between the ears for Josh. But as a Bills fan I would be bullish on getting up there to get Rosen. Baker Mayfield is accurate, but there have been a few QB's from Oklahoma who have been as well and it has not translated w
  12. I am ok with either but I do prefer Mondays Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. For comic relief glide me QB Joe Flacco Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. No Im too busy scoping kicker protects for 2018
  15. So says the one who protects a kicker LOL Screw it: Glide me RB Christian McCaffery, Carolina
  16. Gents I apologize I had a family matter to attend to last night st work nkw I will make my pick shortly
  17. I was considering a trade down myself given the options but I'll stay put: Glide me WR Amari Cooper Las Vegas Raiders of Oakland via Los Angeles Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. I still have not recovered that I cannot take Justin Tucker
  19. I would love to move up tp 7 but I draft late in the 2nd
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