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  1. Wait, I thouht they were in the rise according to you, what happened here??? Believe me, they will and always will be a joke, Goli$ano should have saved his money and their fans money, they are all $ucker$!!!
  2. LOTCB

    Game of Night

    A Philadelphia team involved in a game like this?? Im stunned!! (Sarcasm)
  3. Well i guess $anta $ather wasnt there to save the day was he???
  4. We all know the Leafs are clearly the superior team. I mean just ask their fans who all suffer from tunnel vi$ion, theyll tell you.
  5. LOTCB


    Ill be there, heck, Im always there!
  6. Why is it such a big issue to you that its still an issue for some Devils fans? -Scott Its an issue for me because I watch this Devils team every night from way up top in the CAA and man its cold up there and you should just all be happy there are other banners up there to keep me company!!!
  7. But like Derek21 said, the Conn Smythe is for the ENTIRE playoffs, but it seems to me Devils fans just want to note the Finals, not the other 3 series, so why have a Conn Smythe? Request a rule change from the NHL and make it the Stanley Cup Finals MVP then if that is what everyone is looking for.. Again why is such a big issue almost 6 months later??? I think its because a lot of Devils fans get so agitated when others may point out that Marty has a great defense that most, if not all, other goaltenders are blessed with, and winning these awards is needed to validate Marty's success. Marty i
  8. Can Devils fans be ANY more spoiled? Its not enough to win a 3rd SC in 9 years which is tremedous, but the fact that Gigure won the Conn Smythe just burns you up??? Why is this such a big issue? Im failing to understand..
  9. If Golisano wanted to be legit, he would have let the Sabres move and save their fans from wasting their time and money. All I want for Christmas is a 2 yr+ work stoppage, cmon Santa Bettman, bring it!
  10. LOTCB


    Bobby Clarke trades for someone who isnt big? What the hell is going on around here??? Oh wait, Comrie is Canadian, as long as he isnt a Euro, its ok with him....cmon already
  11. LOTCB


    Poor Drury, he is in hockey jail, free him from eternal mi$ery
  12. LOTCB


    Alway$ the $ame Team$...oh what a $hock, makes my clown face frown... NOTE: On tsn.ca, over/under on posts from idiot Leaf$ fans saying "How come the Leafs werent invloved??? 100 1/2
  13. LOTCB

    Goodbye Newark

    And what if there is a new arena?!?!?! Do I go with it as well? If not, Ill be very hurt!!!!
  14. LOTCB

    Goodbye Newark

    So are you all saying the fact Newark is stereotyped as a bad place will hurt this team? Honestly, the nickname Devils, dont you think that hurts somewhat too? I really dont know anything about anything, jsut chiming in
  15. Well at least E$PN will be happy, they can pop the champagne for THEIR Red Sox
  16. Happy belated B-Day to you Derek, hopefully for your sake the Rangers give you a good b-day present (although I wouldnt count on it!)
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