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  1. With or without the payment the judge received?
  2. The way the Jags are playing they will dink and dunk like crazy so I agree I see 80 easy for Allen was just hoping Spiller made it back but oh well lol
  3. Ok, LOTCB selects WR Allen Robinson, Jacksonville hahahahaha!!!!
  4. Round 3: LOTCB selects QB Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks
  5. Agreed. And kudos to Toronto for making bold moves. Something someone in this thread will not address.
  6. had to get one from you after you scooped up Matt Forte LOL
  7. I don't understand why the Bruins traded Seguin in the 1st place. That speaks to the arrogance the organization had at the time. You don't trade elite talent like that at such a young age. But I am oh so glad Boston did
  8. After careful consideration, LOTCB selects RB Melvin Gordon, San Diego Chargers
  9. With the 8th overall pick, LOTCB selects WR Antonio Brown Pittsburgh
  10. Is there a trade call coming? Adam Schefter is checking his sources....details forthcoming...
  11. LOTCB is open to dealing the 4th overall pick: Wouldn't mind moving down a few spots to pick up another good pick somewhere else. If interested DM me I won't wait teribly long for any inquiries to keep the draft moving relatively fast.
  12. CMON CONFERENCE CALL! I like this as I have ample Manta Block po$$ibilitie$
  13. The sad part is I am not even sure I have a keeper! Good lord my team was trash last year Well it was either a Raven or Leon Washington...
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