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  1. We all know that won't happen: Dan Patrick and E$PN need the Bills just where they are.
  2. Sabres are being outshot....get ready for it...131-57 in their first 3 games...on pace to give up 407 goals... #DISHONORFORCONOR
  3. Just cannot turn the ball over 3 times and create zero turnovers against New England and expect to win. Now, finally a break in the Bills schedule. I expect 5-2 over the next 7
  4. I am not going to overstate this by saying this: Sunday 10/12/14 is the biggest game for the Buffalo Bills since 1999. Let's count the ways: 1. New owners Terry and Kim Pegula officially will be introduced to the crowd as the new owners. 2. New England is in town, the consensus target for any team in the AFC East. 3. Both teams are 3-2 so this will break the tie. 4. Did I mention NE was in town? How can the Bills pull off the W? 1. This defense has been built similar to how the NY Giants were. Mario Williams, Kyle WIlliams, Jerry Hughes, and Marcell Dareus have to get the pressure on
  5. Im pretty pleased with my draft...good balance across the board some strange picks I made but Im hoping to just be above average in every category
  6. Another fluke win for the Buffalo Bills. It was all about what the other team didn't do versus what the team from Buffalo did. (Just following the E$PN company line, nothing to see in WNY, carry on)
  7. Manta Ball breaks loose!!!! And Sammy Watkins has arrived (on my bench though) LOL
  8. I would like to be in if there is an opening
  9. Did the league start yet? Because my team obviously didn't get the memo!
  10. We all know Manta is setting is up to make his value pick:
  11. Generally I'd agree this gave me a little pause about Dalton however:
  12. Well folks it's the 9th round and I need to finally cave in and draft one of our own...the future!!!!
  13. Someone sooo needs to take that football away! hahha
  14. Like you would say no to that plastic! Id charge it to the limit!
  15. The perfect last name for this photo.....WHOA!!!!
  16. Phoenix to me can still work: They needed a better locale and just a winning consistent product to get started: Population pool in the Phoenix area is much bigger then Vegas. Consider this too about Vegas: TONS of service jobs with the casinos etc..lots of oddball hours people work there. Locals won't flock to the NHL area there...the outsiders out of town will and I am sure that is exactly what the NHL is banking on. A MAJOR risk, considering when you drive on the outskirts of Vegas you still see unfinished construction projects etc...Vegas took a major blow in 2008 and is nowhere near fully
  17. I do understand what you mean about moving franchises etc...I guess I've become sensitive to that topic given my favorite NFL team the Buffalo Bills is for sale and the thought of them moving would crush me as a sports fan so I can't want that to happen...feels like bad karma. LOL @ annoying fans...I'd say the Quebec as a province fits that pretty well haha About having too many teams: I thought that when San Jose and Tampa Bay were added to the league...at first it might seem like too much but after awhile we get used to it and the talent pool will expand.
  18. I agree to a point on Nashville...but I see the Stars becoming a power in the West in the not too distant future...but Stars fans appear to be a little bandwagonish but maybe Im wrong. Toronto has 12 Million people in its metro, they can easily support two teams. Buffalo is almost 1.5 hrs from there. Should be ok.
  19. Buffalo has and is a very strong hockey city: If you look at ratings for any NHL Playoff game, Stanley Cup, no matter what teams are involved, the Western NY area is consistently towards the top. They love hockey there. And I do agree, another team in Toronto should not terribly hurt the Sabres..they might lose some season ticket holders but that shouldn't be impossible to replace. Toronto could use a NHL team (do the Leafs count?!) Yes, the exodus from Buffalo and surrounding areas is pronounced over the last several decades, but there are signs of that changing for the better. Ab
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