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  1. Started really becoming a starting RB around 27-28...not a ton of miles on that body and he is a complete back, in between the tackles, good hands, great blocker...he will be good for 2 more years easy
  2. CMON Conference! CMON Crasher texting me at 530am to pick!
  3. Not exactly...see I can USE my Top 2 TE's if I wish!!!!!!! Glide me over QB Philip Rivers
  4. Look at it this way, at least I can USE my extra elite TE every week...unlike having 30 QB's on my roster!
  5. Don't worry, I am sure a washed up Ravens RB is the apple of his eye
  6. Not this year...10-6 here we come.....mark it down!!!!
  7. CMON THAT WAS MY PICK! BEN TATE CMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNN!!! give me a few min Not thrilled about this but I have to: RB Reggie Bush DET
  8. 1999: Bret Hull in the crease: Bettman quickly changes the crease rule 72 hrs AFTER the game...72 hours folks...to save face, amazing to see this league work so quickly. Buffalo now might have a great chance at Eichel or McDavid or heck even BOTH if the Islanders tank it, what does Bettman do? Let's decrease the chances. If one of his beloved 'NBC Six' (Rangers, Blackhawks, Red Wings, Flyers, Pens, and Bruins) were in this situation, I would bet almost ANYTHING this does NOT get changed. Why the sudden need Gary? Nothing to see here. I am used to his hate.
  9. It is not the Receivers that make Brady great, it is and always has been spying on the opposition and knowing the gameday scheme in and out with Darth Vader running the controls who makes the pass catchers great. Edited for accuracy (I can't resist)
  10. Tears of laughter!!! Leon Washington is STILL available!!!!! And yes my team name has changed to Manta Ball just for this occasion!
  11. Is this a Manta Ball System that you came up with?
  12. What if you can't deal one of the QB's what do you do then? I surely wouldn't pony up a ton to get a QB from a guy that has two elite ones. I view it as hey that guy is stuck with an elite QB why would I want to make them better when I can find a good QB from a lot of places?
  13. Are we living in a bizarro world or something? Can I get a 3 QB system?!? 4 defenses? Maybe 5 RB's with an extra that does bad things to his fiancee in a elevator?
  15. LOTCB AKA Zalumisology (CRASHER's true love and desire on the NFL Network) selects: WR Jimmy Graham...oh wait, he lost that battle...TE Jimmy Graham
  16. If Matt Moore is released, I hope Doug Whaley and Buffalo scoop him up, we need a good backup in case EJ falters.
  17. Comments on this article are hilarious, especially the Florida one lol
  18. I'll go a little bit off the board with this keeper: WR Michael Floyd ARIZ 8th round
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