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  1. 1 minute ago, '7' said:

    Stempniak won't last until the deadline in Carolina. They signed him to trade him.

    Grabner is a good low risk high reward signing with the Rangers. He's 29 now and hasn't played well in a while. Basically a home run hitter who doesn't hit home runs anymore. Does he even still have the wheels? 9 goals in 80 games is atrocious and that's what he did in Toronto last year.

    Parenteau even managed 20 in Toronto last season..

  2. After listening to the Shero conference call about Hall, when he was asked about filling Larsson's role he wouldn't specify anyone in particular as far as free agency but Santini and even Jacobs' name came up a few times. I guess he's pretty high on Jacobs.

  3. Met him when I went to the Devils/Lightning game at the end of the season last year. He actually hung around and talked since he was hurt. Hoping for good things from him. Really like his style and hope it'll improve with more freedom.

  4. So I'm not sure if this required its own thread but it's a slow news month as everyone knows. I got some pretty cool news today if it all happens. Here's the gist, I run a roller hockey league by my house and one of my players texted me today to let me know that his cleaning lady is also the cleaning lady for Zubrus' house down here and she apparently mentioned to him about the league and he was very cool about it and actually offered to come by and maybe skate around a bit with the guys. Not gigantic news but still would be pretty cool nonetheless.

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