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  1. I remember reading some tweets that Cordell put out over the offseason about some charity game or scrimmage involving Clune on the Preds and he was saying that he was making people look silly. He might not be thought of as on Janssen's level but he's still bottom level on an NHL team.

  2. I think the CBGB line has been doing a whole lot of nothing this year and I think Gionta is a lot to do about it.

    With Gio being out last night, Bernier was moved up, Josefson got to play and Carter was with JJ and Cam and I think those 3 did more last night than the CBGB line has done so far all this season. Plus the PK looked much better without Gio being there overskating and pretty much completely useless on it.

    Sorry I should have specified. I meant Brian Gionta. His team record for goals is going down. Lol but I agree with everything you said also.

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