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  1. I always knew he'd sign in New Jersey. Just call me nostril-damus.
  2. It's almost like he won't take nose for an answer...
  3. Brodeur's body language just looks better tonight.
  4. Can't we just get back to the Katy Perry pictures now?
  5. Why do we need Vanek? The offense isnt the problem, its a slow and lackluster defense, Find a way to move Volcehnkov or Salvador out of the way to make room for either Gelinas or Merrill and put Fayne in over Harrold.
  6. I'm offended by his constant selection of unnecessary tight leather pants. His music I am indifferent to.
  7. Gelinas might be a little inexperienced but at least he's shown that hell let a slap shot go at times. More than anyone else out there right now.
  8. It'll make it easier to name Ott as full time captain after Vanek is dealt at the deadline. Still looks bad if you trade your captain in 2 straight seasons..
  9. The cast of the Hangover 4: "Czech Yourself"
  10. Clowe from Patty and Brunner.
  11. PDB on NHL Live today. Didn't Elias just say today that he was ready to go?
  12. Anyone catch this one? Made me smile.
  13. Deadline pushed back to 5pm today now too.
  14. Backstreet boys really let themselves go.
  15. Wow Drouin back to QMJHL. Sorry wasn't sure where to put this. Just saw it though.
  16. He definitely looks way stronger and better in most aspects of play from what I've seen. Always hoped he'd hit his potential or at least come close, maybe its finally the case,
  17. I'm absolutely ok with him being in Albany. I'd prefer an outside option if they chose to go with a goon is all I'm saying.
  18. Just naming a better option than Janssen. I'd prefer to let Carter be the toughness and going without a goon, worst case scenario.
  19. Clifford on LA is almost unneeded there since they brought in Carcillo. I'd take him. He can sort of play. Maybe he goes on waivers today/tomorrow and they grab him up in time to send Janssen down still.
  20. Wouldn't it be considered an emergency call up?
  21. Any chance they were in a way displaying his abilities by pairing him with Elias and Brunner in the Isles game? He looked good there. Maybe get an AHL type center as a stopgap for injury sake and then sign a center in the offseason...just a hypothetical.
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