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  1. I think I just read that they signed Delauriers today.
  2. Pelley, Sestito and Young all cut today. Apparently all cleared.
  3. Oh oops. Ok yeah that's what I meant. Had the schedule wrong. Thanks.
  4. If they snub him the first 2 then it guarantees he plays game 3 in Vancouver...
  5. Isn't that one of the reasons they added the numbers to helmets?
  6. Would they have to waive Gionta? Doesn't he have a 2 way making him AHL eligible?
  7. https://www.youtube.com/embed/AqIEB0r3FUI Anyone see the interview yet? It has to be said, his nose is gigantic.
  8. It's a race to the hash marks isn't it? If it saves some injuries from occurring, I'm not against it I guess.
  9. Does either player have value to bring in a pick or so if combined with an expendable d prospect?
  10. Why are some sources listing him as a center? Thought he was a winger.
  11. Thank you for finally capitalizing his name.
  12. Just got super excited for this season real quick.
  13. Awesome video. Unfortunately my phone just stopped playing it after the Henrique goal vs the Rangers...damn.
  14. Even more so with them bringing Cleary back too.
  15. A bunch of guys are not participating in the scrimmage today too though. Elias, Greene, Larsson, Zubrus. Way to early to worry. Reportedly just "soreness".
  16. Thank you. Glad to see I'm not the only one bugged by that too.
  17. If he has given up on his "demands" for contract terms and top 6, I would be glad to see him. Our 3rd line could definitely use a boost. Also hearing Tedenby is looking better may cause it not to happen also. I'm probably in the minority but I'm hoping Tedenby gets it going and can stick on the 3rd this season.
  18. They're saying Biron isn't at camp yet because of family issues. Probably just a stop gap until he reports, but good luck to him.
  19. Reported that buffalo is willing to eat some of vanek's contract in a trade.
  20. Why is Slapshot 2 getting no respect here? Stephen Baldwin at his finest! All joking aside, I only own that because it came in a 2 pack with the original.
  21. I saw that he was listed as the team captain for a recent game. Is that his normal role or does the captaincy float around in WHL?
  22. Odelein always reminded me of the bad guy from the Crow with short hair.
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