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  1. Mueller signed in the Swiss league per McKenzie.
  2. Thanks for the info. At least he has one of the better names around.
  3. Remy Giftopolous invited to camp. Anyone know anything? Prob 0% chance he makes anymore than that, just thought I'd mention it.
  4. Latest "reports" are he may be headed back to Switzerland. Getting comical now.
  5. Hated him forever. He did actually make that documentary after Sandy hit about Staten Island and I had a slight change of heart after seeing he could genuinely be a good guy too. That being said, if he ever plays again, the hate will return.
  6. Nice so this means that we will get him in a few years. Like with Carter, Bernier and Olesz. The road to NJ travels through Florida...
  7. And that Lightning's name...Chris Dingman.
  8. I'm not worried. He chose to sign with New Jersey. He was traded to Montreal so he probably didn't have much of a choice, if any.
  9. Yeah it was. I have a reason to keep my Kovy jersey now at least.
  10. Wasn't sure where to post this but I just read that Clowe is taking #29. Fayne going back to #34. Also Ryder is taking #17.
  11. They also won't have to rely on Anderson as much as last season. They also won't have to rely on Anderson as much as last season.
  12. I actually think Ottawa could be better this season.
  13. Any thoughts on possible camp invites? I wouldn't mind Peter Mueller being given an invite. Worth the risk that he finds his game.
  14. Reported that Doug Murray signed with the Canadiens.
  15. So apparently The Hockey News has the Devils picked to finish last in the division and 12th in the conference. No surprise there I guess. Also, anyone on here from FLA and know where I can pick up the new yearbook? I can't remember for the life of me where I've bought it the past few years down here.
  16. If DJ Jazzy Jeff is there, we're screwed...
  17. I took a gamble on the jackets 3rd. Luckily they still wear it because I really like it. Unfortunately like a dummy I got Nash's name on it.
  18. I actually find it more fun to have all the rosters as accurate a possible (yes, I have the time due to 2 kids and my wife working nights). I actually played along with the devils 2 seasons ago and even used the correct line combos and startin goaltenders for the games. Made it pretty fun actually.
  19. I was wondering the same thing.
  20. Poni overachieved during the finals run and came back to earth last season. Oh well. Off topic, I tend to avoid Hovkeybuzz because of all the speculative rumors that they spread, but anyone have any info on how legit the Mussa guy is?
  21. I don't think he played that bad with the Sharks. He obviously didn't put up much point wise but he played well. Also got minutes in big situations at times.
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