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  1. I had the same experience with the guys in front of us at that Habs game. Man, are they a bunch of obnoxious a-holes. The talking/booing our national anthem, and outright rude behavior was uncalled for. I almost got into a fight when they showedan American Soldier returning from Iraq on the scoreboard and the Habs fan wearing a Gomez jersey (no joke) in front of me stood and gave him the Hitler salute. A security guard calmed things down, but they still were pretty obnoxious the rest of the game.
  2. From what I remember, the poor value of the Canadian dollar vs. the US Dollar, poor corporate sponsorship, and the lack of any progress toward construction of a new arena led to the team being sold and moved to Colorado. Nobody really has a problem with Nordiques Nation. They a bunch of passionate hockey fans. I just wish we could fill our building with Devils fans that were at least 1/2 as passionate as they are. There is nothing worse then sitting next to obnoxious Rangers/Flyers fans taunting Marty and getting in your face all game while sitting in our own Arena.
  3. +1 I didn't realize they were going to Detroit and Boston this season, and was only referring to games I knew they attended last season. Although they may be going to Detroit and Boston, I find it hard to believe that they will be able to buy a block of 2000 seats in those arenas like they do for ours. In fact, short of buying tickets on StubHub, I'm not sure how they are getting tickets to these games as I thought both teams consistently sold out their arenas. While they are great, and as I said, it created a fun atmosphere last time, when they are all sitting together dominating the crowd like they did here against the Bruins, it makes the Devils organization and the fanbase in general look bad. It's not their fault by any stretch, but rather an indictment of our own fanbase.
  4. I think JVB is going to take the high road in this and would be reluctant to sue strictly from the sense that it would put all of his business dealings, tax returns, and personal holdings out in the open/court. He would basically have ot show that he is still a millionaire, and this guy had no sources to back up his statements and simply made same up with malicious intent. Plus, JVB is probably thinking that this guy works for the NY Post, one of the worst pieces of tabloid garbage this side of the Enquirer, who with any brain is going to take him seriously. As far a the financials go, no bank short of Lehman Brother, Fannie/Freddie, and Bear Sterns would allow Chambers to walk away from the debt he owes with respect to this team if JVB didn't have serious collateral to backup this stock purchase. If JVB was essentially broke (well, as broke as former multi-millionaires can possibly be) as this guy alleges, I think the Bettman would find a way veto this deal and force a sale of the team as JVB wouldn't be able to guarantee payroll, which is a requirement for ownership in the NHL I believe.
  5. Ironically, he said in one breath that the Devils made a very small profit last season, then in another said that they are going to lose money this season and cannot sustain themselves here in NJ in the future. Apparently, he's Nostradamus with a Rangers tattoo. I'm starting to wonder if he is one of the Rangers fans sitting behind me at the game on Friday night, acting like a meaningless pre-season victory was Game 7 of the ECF. The worst part of it all was, after most of what he said had been refuted and proven to be inaccurate, they still put him on the show and never asked ANY serious follow-up questions EXCEPT for his opinion as to whether the team will move out of NJ. That channel is such a joke, and the hack radio hosts on there are so horrible, the NHL should be embarassed.
  6. I was at the last home game against Boston in April, and witnessed Nordiques Nation first hand. I even got to speak with some of them on the concourse prior to the game. They seem like a great bunch of fans, and it is was fun seeing the lively atmosphere they brought to that game. That being said, it will be embarassing for us to have them do what they did in April again this season. They can say that they are just looking to draw attention to the fact that they want a team back in Quebec, but it is no coincidence that they attend games on Long Island and in NJ. Everyone in Canada believes that, if your team doesn't sell out the arena on a nightly basis, then that team needs to be moved to Canada. Nordiques Nation can say (publicly) that they are just trying to show the NHL that Quebec would support a team again, and they are not trying to show that the teams they visit are potential candidates to move there, but there are clear and subtle undertones to their attendance at these games as they believe we are a target to move to their city in the relatively near future. I personally believe that they will be rooting for the Devils again even if they attend the game against the Jets. I just don't think any of them want to end up in a confrontation with pissed off Devils fans, have a fight break out, and put a black eye on their cause. For me, having them here once was enough, and it goes to show how dismal our attendance truly is.
  7. Some teams fanbases enjoy that experience at games where the fans are all pulling in 1 direction, and they gladly put the t-shirt on for the game. It seems as if our fanbase is always divided (other than our hatred of the Rangers and Flyers), so it doesn't suprise me that there will be people that flatly refuse to wear white (for whatever reason they have) or put on the t-shirt that is given away that night. Is it a big deal? Absolutely not, as long as we are all cheering for the same team. But, I think its cool to see a whiteout like Winnepeg/Phoenix and Pittsburgh does. It adds just a little bit extra to that game experience in my opinion, and it's not like the team does this every night. Hell, we all know the T-shirt is going to be a XXXL anyway, so I'm sure most people can easily put it on over another shirt, jersey, etc. If you choose not to do it, I could truly care less because its your choice. However, it would be nice if our fans started to get on the same page with something. Going off on a bit of a tangent ... The supporters section is a great idea, and I love the fact that I'll be sitting next to them in Sec. 123 this season. However, after seeing/hearing the group at the Rangers game last Friday, I think a drum of some sort, rather than an airhorn, would be a better instrument to keep the beat for the chants. The airhorn is just waaayyy to slow and puts off the timing of everyone getting in on the chant. Just my 2 cents.
  8. I don't post a lot, but I heard something this morning that has been angering me all day. I don't know if any of you heard it this morning, but as I was driving into work I heard the same clown who wrote the NY Post article talking on the NHL Home Ice morning show on Sirius/XM. He's still sticking to his story that the Devils defaulted on their debt obligation which was to come due September 1, and basically said that Vanderbeek is broke (he actually said he is no longer even a millionaire), and that Chambers is looking to get out of his continuing debt obligation (currently worth over $100 million) by paying the teams creditors $25 million. Apparently, he alleges the Vanderbeek was not able to raise any capital to buy Chamber's shares of the team, and stated that the team almost definitely is going into bankruptcy at the end of this season. Not surprisngly, he was asked the question from the two Toronto sportscaster about the Devils possibly relocating. While he admits that the NHL has no desire to move the Devils at this time, and it would be extremely cost prohibitive to do so because of the Prudential Center lease the team is tied to for the next 26 years, he is of the opinion that the NY metro market can only support the Rangers and the Devils will not be able to make it in NJ over long term, making it likely they move. He also claims that the Rangers TV ratings more than doubles the TV ratings of the Devils and Islanders COMBINED. Besides the fact that he works for the NY Post, the last statement was where I knew this guy is making stuff up and really has no clue what he's talking about. According to Puck the Media (the only source I could quickly find), NHL TV ratings for last season were as follows: Ratings 1. Pittsburgh Penguins (FS Pittsburgh) – 8.05 (Up 26.2%) 2. Buffalo Sabres (MSG Buffalo) – 6.45 (Down 19%) 3. Detroit Red Wings (FS Detroit) – 4.21 (Up 5.3%) 4. Chicago Blackhawks (CSN Chicago) – 2.45 (Up 131.1%) 5. St. Louis Blues (FS Midwest) – 2.33 (Up 21.4%) T6. Boston Bruins (NESN) – 2.18 (Down 13.8%) T6. Philadelphia Flyers (CSN Philadelphia) – 2.18 (Down 8.8%) 8. Minnesota Wild (FS North) – 1.67 (Down 27.4%) 9. Washington Capitals (CSN Mid-Atlantic) – 1.6 (Up 46.8%) 10. Colorado Avalanche (Altitude) – 1.56 (Up 13%) 11. Columbus Blue Jackets (FS Ohio) – 1.39 (Down 25.3%) 12. San Jose Sharks (CSN California) – 1.11 (Down 20.7%) 13. New York Rangers (MSG) – 0.89 (Down 18.3%) 14. Dallas Stars (FS Southwest) – 0.74 (Up 27.6%) 15. Phoenix Coyotes (FS Arizona) – 0.62 (Up 55%) 16. Tampa Bay Lightning (Sun Sports) – 0.60 (Up 27.7%) 17. New Jersey Devils (MSG Plus) – 0.58 (Up 48.7%) 18. Los Angeles Kings (FS West) – 0.48 (Up 50%) 19. Anaheim Ducks (Prime Ticket) – 0.42 (Up 50%) 20. New York Islanders (MSG Plus) – 0.36 (Up 100%) 21. Atlanta Thrashers (SportSouth) – 0.33 (Up 26.9%) 22. Florida Panthers (FS Florida) – 0.25 (Up 8.7%) Households Watching 1. Pittsburgh Penguins – 93,000 (Up 25.7%) 2. Chicago Blackhawks – 86,000 (Up 132.4%) 3. Detroit Red Wings – 80,000 (Up 3.9%) 4. New York Rangers – 67,000 (Down 17.3%) 5. Philadelphia Flyers – 64,000 (Down 9.9%) 6. Boston Bruins – 53,000 (Down 13.1%) 7. New Jersey Devils – 43,000 (Up 48.3%) 8. Buffalo Sabres – 41,000 (Down 18%) 9. Washington Capitals – 37,000 (Up 48%) T10. Minnesota Wild – 29,000 (Down 27.5%) T10. St. Louis Blues – 29,000 (Up 20.8%) 12. San Jose Sharks – 28,000 (Down 20%) T13. New York Islanders – 27,000 (Up 107.7%) T13. Los Angeles Kings – 27,000 (Up 50%) T15. Anaheim Ducks – 24,000 (Up 50%) T15. Colorado Avalanche – 24,000 (Up 14.3%) 17. Dallas Stars – 19,000 (Up 35.7%) 18. Columbus Blue Jackets – 13,000 (Down 23.5%) 19. Phoenix Coyotes – 12,000 (Up 71.4%) 20. Tampa Bay Lightning – 11,000 (Up 22.2%) 21. Atlanta Thrashers – 8,000 (Up 33.3%) 22. Florida Panthers – 4,000 (Unchanged) I hate math, but is seems the Devils and Islanders ratings were a .94 combined and trending up, while the Rangers pulled a .89 rating that was trending down. Hardly seems to me like they more than double the ratings of their local rivals combined, not to mention that the Devils draw the seventh highest number of US households. While there's no doubting that the Rangers outdraw and outsell the Devils when it comes to both game attendance and televeision viewership, they hardly are as dominant as this guy makes them out to be. In fact, if his statements on the radio are any indication of this "reporters" research ability, I hardly can believe anything he has said. It just amazes me that NHL Home Ice would actually have him on the air, when he has no facts or sources to back up his conclusory statements and is proven to be wrong time and time again. Sorry, I just had to get this off my chest.
  9. He's been a Devils fan for a long time. He was a good friend of Dr. McMullen and used to attend games at the CAA in the owner's box. I attended a hockey clinic at South Mountain Arena with his grand daughter, Lindsey Berra, who is now a writer for ESPN the Magazine. Got to meet him after a session that he came to watch. Really nice guy, and his grand daughter is not too bad looking either.
  10. The injuries have ruined his career. He is a good, hard-working player, but he can't stay healthy. I see him playing on the 4th (maybe 3rd), and I can see him spending some time in the injured players/healthy scratch suite at the Rock. It gives us more dpeth, especially at right wing. If we get 60 games out of him and he can put up 10-15 goals, I'd be estatic. He is also likely to get bought out next year if this season is injury filled and/or he plays poorly while struggling to crack the lineup.
  11. Obviously, this trade is all about the cap space it creates this season. However, it also frees up DeBoer a lot when it comes to the lineup and allows Elias to center Kovy and Tedenby/Palmieri on the second line, while not rushing Josefson if he isn't ready for second line minutes. Rolston proved last year that he could only play left wing with Elias as his center, meaning Josefson had to play with Kovy on the second line and Elias would be with Rolston on the third. It also gives Henrique a better shot at making the lineup, possibly to play with Josefson and Clarkson on the third line. While the swap, talent wise, favors the Islanders, the flexibility it gives Lou to sign Zach long term and continue to allow some of the young players to develop is a huge win for the Devils. Great trade!
  12. I'm wondering if those old, rickety end boards in the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum are going to be able to withstand a season of Rolston "quarterbacking" the Islanders powerplay. I can actually hear Doc yelling, "MISSED THE NET WITH THE SHOT!!" when I think of Rolston winding up from the point.
  13. This is a great deal for both teams. The Isles get closer to reaching the salary floor and the Devils get rid of Rolston's crazy contract, while freeing up another $3 million in cap space this season. With this deal, I fully expect to see Parise signed to a long term deal before his arbitration date, as the real impediment has been making sure the team was under the cap this season, since a large chunk of salary comes off the books beginning next year. Like most people said, I harbor no ill will toward Rolston, but his contract was killing us the past 2 years. Quite frankly, he didn't play up to his wage and needed to go, for the good of this organization's future.
  14. LOL! Seriously, it's not like these are NY Giants/Jets season tickets we are talking about. The only games that these tickets are likely to be sold above face value are against the Rangers, Flyers, and Penguins. I love the supperters section idea. If anyone watches a Red Bulls game, their suppoerts make the atmosphere in the stadium lively and fun. Plus, the group from Quebec last year was terrific. We need more of that in this arena. Plus, for anyone who has sat in the balconies at a game against our rivals, you know that it seems like the opposition brings their own supporters section to our home games. I remember getting berated at opening night against the Flyers 2 years ago, and in the playoffs against the Rangers a few years back and, when I looked around, I felt like I was sitting at an away game. It was a horrible, frustrating, and annoying experience. At least we now have a way to combat them, even if its only 1 section.
  15. I loved Mike Miller's radio calls (and its ONE... NOTHING....... NEW JERSEY!!!!). I think he left in 2002 because of throat cancer and then went on to work in the front offices of an ECHL team. However, I believe he is back doing radio in the Canadian Junior ranks. I wonder if he could be a candidate for the job. At the very least, maybe they make Cangi the full time play by play guy for the Devils, bring Matt back to do the pre, post, and between period shows, and give the radio job back to Mike Miller. I also wonder who gets to make the final call on these decisions. Is it Lou or the execs at MSG since whoever they pick is an employee of MSG, not the Devils.
  16. Jack Edwards sucks as an announcer (he was worse on Sportscenter), but he does give you golden nuggests like yelling at Montreal Canadiens players to "GET UP!" during the run of play, and talking about the Boston Tea Party after the team wins a playoff series.
  17. Thorne would be an interesting choice. He called Devils games before Doc, but he makes a lot of mistakes (i.e. Friesen's goal against Ottawa in game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals in 2003). He kind of reminds me a John Sterling trying to determine if a lazy fly to right is going to reach the seats...yes, no, yes...maybe? I like Cangi, but, as was previously stated, there is no buildup or set-up in his calls and his "SCARRR" is annoying. No matter who takes over, we are bound to hate him as that person will always be compared to, and will never be able to live up to, the bar which was set so incredibly high by Doc.
  18. Wow! This is incredibly sad news. You had to know it was going to happen sooner, rather than later, but I still can't comprehend watching the Devils all season without Doc calling the games. Looks like it's going to be Cangi's time to shine. Sad day in Devils history.
  19. Yeah I mean the TV thing was huge, but I really believe that there would be a ton more Devils fans in NJ if the Rangers hadn't won in 1994.. A lot of Rangers fans I know picked them because the Rangers won the Cup and it seemed like the Devils would be leaving the state.. If the Rangers don't win that Cup, a lot more people would be Devils fans
  20. I agree with that 100%. I play hockey on a team in North Jersey with a bunch of guys in their early twenties. Most of them are Devils fans, which is a stark change from when I was in my late teens/early twenties and almost everyone I knew was a Rangers fan. The generation that grew up between 1995-2004 is much more inclined to root for the Devils. Plus, it's not like when I was a kid and the Rangers were on channel 9 and the Devils were on Sportschannel, which my parents refused to pay for. Two of my friends who are Rangers fans freely admit that they grew to like the Rangers because they were able to watch them on TV and never got to see the Devils as a kid.
  21. You gave me the nudge I needed to join. I've been lurking on this board for year and a half and I figured, what the hell.
  22. Lou presses the button on that hat everytime he fires a coach!
  23. Not sure what I think of this hire yet. I'm worried that this roster will not respect DeBoer and he won't be able to deal with this locker room (see John MacLean). However, I'm intrigued as to what style he will bring and hope he can get the team to play as hard as Florida did the past few years.
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