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  1. ive literally been thinking the same thing. last year zajac and jagr need a solid left wing to play with them all of last year so what i would do is put havlat on the top line and have cammo play on the second line with patty and henrique. 3rd and 4th lines i have no clue what to do with. so my lines would look something like this Havlat-Zajac-Jagr Henrique-Elias-Cammalleri Clowe-Zubrus-Brunner Ruutu- Gionta- Bernier i really feel the devils should keep Brunner over Ryder. i feel like ryder will be traded before the season starts for a pick or something. ryders up there in age and slow as my grandma. i like brunners speed. Brunner was extremely streaky but i feel like this year will be different for him after a year in our system. if ryder ends up staying just put him on the 4th line instead of bernier. i think were definitely pretty deep this year
  2. what are our lines gonna look like ? everyone is saying cam and travis are going to play together but isnt cam a rw? jagr was on travis's right last year and i dont think that should get broken up. jagrs line was looking for a good left winger last season. so why not put havlat there and put cam on a line with elias. so our top 2 lines would look like this: Havlat-Zajac-Jagr Henrique-Elias-Cammalleri the last 2 lines are just gonna be really weird but thats what i think it should be.
  3. Want 2 tickets for the game on the 27th against the blue jackets. Let me know
  4. So last week I went to the nhl store in nyc to get a jagr jersey and I asked the guy working if he new anything about the jerseys the devils would be using for the stadium series game. He said the rags wanted to use a new one but the devils were refusing. But the guy said the league will force the devils to use a different one. So yesturday I went to pick up my jersey and I asked again if anything has changed and he said the devils finally agreed to use the red and green retro jerseys for the game. I'm not sure if anyone new about this or if it was talked about already but it was news to me so I thought I would put it up.
  5. Please win today. This can't keep up any longer. We are way better that the standing show. We win today and I feel like the weight will be lifted an it'll be the start of a winning streak. LGD!!!!!!!!!
  6. Only bad seats in yankees stadium are the 2 sections in center feild on the sides of the mohegan sun sports bar becAuse if you sit on 1 side of it you cant see the other side of the feild
  7. This is all because marty won 666. He should have retired right after he won like his brother said. And because of it not only have we lost 10 in a row we lost kovy. The only way to break the curse is to have kovy come back and as soon as hes back we will win every game remaining and hopefully get the 8th spot. That is my only explanation too what is happening hahaha if im wrong at least next year we will be better with merrill and boucher in the lineup
  8. if hes cleared for contact for thursdays practice he will play friday for sure
  9. no one thinks he'll be back by friday? i feel like he could be. everyone thought zubrus would be out an extra week but he came back earlier than everyone thought. i know he wont play tomorrow for sure. but i think friday is deffinetly a possibility. by then he'll have a few practices and i think hell be ready.
  10. If anyone has tickets for the panthers game on 4/20 please message me
  11. Big game tonight. Must win. We fvcked up the last 2 game and lost 2 point we should have had. No bullsh!t tonight need these 2 points. We can beat them we have been playing ok these last few game just have to keep it up and defend when theres a minute left. Need to space ourselves out from the isles and rags. Lets win this game. LGD!!!!!!
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