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  1. You my friend, have the most awesome room on the planet
  2. I havent read a lick of this forum but just a heads up, its 62 degrees out 3 days before xmas. beach anyone?
  3. You people are idiots. theyre not getting wristbands theyre gettting tickets that we're waiting there all day for. 2 seats a wristband. i swear you need to be a nutcase to write on this website daily. I hope no gers or flyers fans look on this website cause if they do this is embarassing. theres an entire thread of people saying trade parise (one of the top 5 players in the league for 3-4 yrs) for so and so, theres devsman84 who gets jealous of other fans jerseys, and theres endless nmber of fans who think this team isnt a playoff team cause we arent winning every game going away. atll i can say mark fayne is solid and will HOPEFULLY grow to be better, but he will be worthless in the playoffs now because of his mistakes. Whats sickening is the majority of devs fans.
  4. Oh like ive said before lol and how would u know if you said u never try and get these all year?
  5. mvparise

    Mark Fayne

    He had a harmless shot from the point on the rush in ot lol if thats almost ending it kovi almost has 80 goals this year Show me the facts i asked for so we can see who the elite dmen in the league are as.far as ur god awful stats go
  6. Enough with marty already. moose has been way more solid than him. moose needs to be our #1. not marty
  7. mvparise

    Mark Fayne

    Mark fayne stop complaining to the ref and get back on defense, maybe then this game wouldnt be tied and you wouldnt look useless as usual.
  8. mvparise

    Mark Fayne

    There ya go, fayne cant handle the puck behind the net, turns it over, they give up a goal. not to mention he makes basically NO effort to block it while zajac who is just coming back from injury is spralled out doing everything he can to block it and theres your boy fayne standing straight up, not coming at the man, and showing no signs of concern. you can put whatever confusing stats u want up. he sucks. do me a favor in each of those rediculous stats u put up list the top 10 in each stat please.
  9. mvparise

    Mark Fayne

    He still makes deadly mistakes that have lost us games, but im glad you guys love him, in that case who wants to buy an autographed mark fayne puck?!?!? i got an eric boulton one but some guy was nice enough to trade his mark fayne for it. kinda like trading one handful of sh!t for another.
  10. Wait wait wait..........does your little thingy say trade parise now?.......please do everyone a favor and stop calling yourself a devs fan and grab a rangers jersey. That just goes to show how clueless some devils fans are.
  11. Thanks for clearing up theres a player named andy greene on the team i wasnt aware of that. and we have green(with no "e") jerseys and a player named adam larsson on the team. Either way its safe to say youre wrong for saying im "far from the first" to have it.
  12. I did read your post. and no one said u have to get $10 seats every game, but if u reeeeally wanna go then SHOW UP EARLY AND STOP COMPLAINING WHAT DONT YOU GET!!!!! Its like talking to a brick wall except the wall would be a little more intellectual. Idk what a troll is buddy im not a seasoned vet at online forums, i do like to see the light of day. and yes it is extremely laughable saying your a diehard when its obvious those people in front of you do actually carw if they get into a "fvckng hockey game". its not like older ppl dont wait there all day too, theres those 2 older women that usually get there like 2nd in line
  13. No ill say green. And i spelled the players wrong? whatre you talking about?
  14. Wow u have a full time job!!! Me too!!!! You just said u took off work, what part of "get there earlier and u wont have a problem" was misunderstood. You just said yourself u refuse to wait in the cold for a "fvcking hockey game"(insinuating u dont really care that much). THEN DONT COMPLAIN!!!! Guess what? Some people DO care enough to wait in the cold for 10 or 11 hours for a "fvcking hockey game", theyre called diehard fans. Yeah how dare i defend myself, im sorry your right if i have friends coming ill make sure to tell them to wait on the other side of the street to comfort your feelings. You said you take off work, soooooooo show up earlier like i said to begin with, problem solved arguement over. You dont make any sense saying you refuse to wait but you dont want people in front of you.
  15. Thank you right!!!?!?! Idk what this guys problem is that hes like offended i said that.
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