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  1. Albany picked up Matt Lortio . #28. Hes good. Come from Brown ECAC. Put up points at brown. has a game winner yesterday and 6 shots on goal in 2 games. Might of found a good one . Time will tell
  2. need to resign Kinkaid . How did Havlat do tonight?
  3. Clermont isn't bad. did well this year never shouldn't of been sent down
  4. Thompson is way better than Boucher. Matteau has flashes but just dosent look like the guy he should be. Glad Zids is GONE!
  5. Im glad to see him go. Get something pick wise to help the future. He has done some good things for us but I deff wont miss him missing the puck on the point all the time and failing to keep it in the zone. Especially on the pp!
  6. Good for us to get some picks of quality for Jagr. Was a fan of his but hes old and slow. Need younger guys for next year and beyond.
  7. Lets go Devils. look at the new backup!!!!! lol ahhh
  8. The team has 0 offence its always on the goalie. Even tho it got away from Kinkaid at the end its a hard place to play and the team in front of him was watching like always.
  9. zids cost us one but Hell Yea Larsson. Lets go NJ!
  10. I suppose as a 4th line guy that works. Sestito helps on the PK and he gives it is all every night . That's needed when most of the team is watching. There are a lot of guys that played for the Devils and never did much on the score sheet and he has them beat. Some of which I didn't mind.(not saying these guys but). Janssen,Skrlac,Peters, just to name a few. That is true about the age thing. we need to get young. rebuild. But hoping your team looses is just wrong. as I said before 1 pick isn't going to fix this team . I know the hate but not even a Stamkos ,Crosby or Tavares could save this team. Those are some top guys in the league right now
  11. Yes the past few years have been rough. But u have to have bad years to be good. We have been lucky with that run we had. One top 5 pick wont save the team. U would be better off with 2 or 3 top 15 guys and few trades. One man cant save this team.
  12. Zubs is old. He cant do much of anything. Big Body yes may be able to hold puck behind net or in a zone. But when u have no way to get the puck there. Hes useless. I would send him in a min. Never gets points anymore
  13. some of you have no clue. It seems to me that the only ones playing in this game where the D and the goalie. Helgeson played 12 min and wasn't out there for a goal. Sestito plays harder than more than half the team. Battles , fights dose a decent job on the penalty kill as well. TooToo and Fraser are about the only ones that show emotion on this team. They all sit there on the bench don't talk and just allow shots. Stand around. I like Mike C but hes not a factor. he should be able to take the puck and get it into the zone like Gomez. hes bad lately to! Hey 7. your as bad as your Jets and Mets. they both suck Next u will want Rex to coach the Devils
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