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  1. He's 35! He's definitely not a scorer, and he's being bought out by his current team. I don't agree with getting Gomez back on the Devils. I'm surprised people have overlooked these obvious (to me) red flags.
  2. Who on the Devils this season do you think is going to get traded? In my opinion, it's probably Steve Bernier.
  3. Regardless of whether or not he's a "good guy," he hadn't scored a goal in a little more than a year. And if Gomez is your highest paid player, with results like that, doesn't it seem like a no-brainer to buy him out? Maybe it's because I'm 14 and I started following the Devils at about the same time Gomez left. But if I'm the GM for this team, in a huge hockey market whose fans hate when their team misses the playoffs, then it makes logical sense for me to send him off for this season and work with the rest of the team to play some clutch, playoff hockey. And in a French-Canadian accent!
  4. My gawd I hate dubstep! As a musician, I just think it's the worst thing to happen to music since Nickelback.
  5. That change couldn't have come at any better time. We just look tired out there
  6. Yeah you'd think they would, at least after this season
  7. Man on that last save Brodeur isn't even looking at the puck. it just goes in his glove
  8. Yeah I actually hope the kings win. I live in southern California, so i could get to SEE the devils if they win.
  9. Still, the biggest thing we have over Rangers fans is our three Stanley Cups. When is 1 greater than 3? When you're a Ranger fan!
  10. what's wrong with these refs? Bergenheim's in the fking net and they call Salvador on the hit???????
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