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  1. It looks like it will work out for you and since you were looking anyway, you should be OK. Cashing in the options should give you an extra cushion. You are also still young, and by that, I mean, under 40. No matter how much you hate your job, once you get near the age of 40, don't offer to do this. Because, it is still easier to look for a job while you have one and once you hit 40, you are automatically less attractive to employers in any case.
  2. I'm not sure that I agree with the coach in not playing him, however, if the coach won't play him, and Lou has decided (rightly, I believe) that's it's definitely Sutter's show and he's staying out of it, then there are two choices: trade him or waive him. I think the trade route is a better choice, if there is someone to take him, and the Devils aren't in cap trouble so they don't have to do this immediately. There are teams with some cap space and not all of them are trying to keep payroll to a minimum, and, as I believe Tri pointed out, injuries happen. He can still play. The coach has
  3. This is almost like the Leafs/Flyers playoff series, 'When it's Evil against Evil, what's a NJ fan to do'? The tie-breaker for me (the evil was equal between them) was that ESPN (which was still covering the NHL at that time) was so obviously rooting for the Flyers. So I had to root against them. You notice I did not say root for the Leafs.
  4. If the team had kept trying after the Sens scored the first goal, instead of basically standing around for the rest of the first period and the first part of the second period, I'd say Sutter had absolutely no reason to be upset and he should either keep his mouth shut or praise the effort. But they didn't. They stopped trying to do much of anything for a little more than a period's worth of time. They were able to get some decent pressure on Ottawa when they decided to try. I'm not saying they would have won the game if they had played a full 60 or 65 minute effort. Maybe the final score
  5. Steve, re: the Ducks schedule, apparently they were offered the option of the schedule they got, or the same schedule as the Kings (and no, it wasn't either you take this or the Kings get it). The league told Burke the team could go back to the West Coast and rest, or get some Eastern time zone games out of the way. Burke chose the schedule himself, and said if they didn't do well, he'd take the blame. I was watching a non-NJD game (can't remember which one it was) this weekend and the announcers brought it up. Don't blame the league.
  6. Sigh. Here's the link: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=220161&hubname= Here's hoping he has a full recovery.
  7. If it is Weekes tonight it won't bother me. Marty can play in Ottawa. You can bet he'll be kind of pissed (or as pissed as he gets) and focused as all hell. Now, if the team could just play the style they are supposed to play for the entire game...that would be nice.
  8. And yet, I was watching ESPN News (don't ask me why, I just was) and this game was the only NHL highlight they showed and they previewed it by hyping Crosby. I guess it is official, the Pens are the only NHL team in existance, only because Crosby is the only NHL player ESPN has heard of at this point.
  9. I agree, the first two games of the season don't say anything about where they will be at the end. However, remember that Elias is generally very quiet, offensively, until around Christmas. That's his M.O. So don't expect much right away. After that, he should go on a tear if it's a normal season. But that means someone else will have to pick up the slack - Zubrus or Bergfors, because Gionta and Parise cannot do everything with Langenbrunner out. They just can't. What actually annoyed me more than the inability to finish was that, with about 7 minutes left in the 3rd, it did look like NJ
  10. Not sure that I like the new people, but I thought the old people had kind of gotten stale. You pretty much knew how each episode would go, because you knew the personalities. There was only so long he could make fun of those particular set of personalities and continue to have it be viable. Because they were actually playing bright people who were supposed to be there to learn from him, and the characters had become more than capable doctors in their own right, it wouldn't make sense for them to stay in that situation. I love the show but if the characters are going to be at all realistic t
  11. The whole site is less dark than before and therefore, more inviting to use. Other than that, I can't say it's wonderful and an original site or anything like that. The top isn't bad but, as you point out, info info overload at the bottom doesn't make much sense when, if you wanted to look at stats they could just let you click on a link. The drop-down menus are very plain...they could have made it better, I wonder if they ran out of time before the season started?
  12. The pickup truck reference is kind of funny. I remember when I was at Wellesley one of my Econ profs, who was from Arkansas, asked me what part of CT I was from. I told him I had grown up in two different parts of the state, spent part of my life near New London by the Sound and the rest of it in the suburbs not far NW of Hartford. So, he asked me, you weren't really near UConn's main campus? I said no, but I've been there, why? He said, well, I was just there for a conference and, well I haven't seen so many pick-up trucks with gun racks since I left Arkansas. I had to laugh, they are a
  13. Maybe I just met the wrong people.
  14. Sammy, I made very sure to say it wasn't everyone. But when 25-30% of the people you meet over the summer, many of them in business situations (meetings, not private situations) say things like that to you when they hear your accent (southern NE) it is extremely disturbing. That's an awful lot of people. A fairly large cross-section. I wasn't just sitting in a cubical. And I have never had people say those sort of things in business settings in this area of the country, no matter who is in the room. Maybe they are just holding back. But apparently, they didn't feel they had to. It was
  15. Sammy, while I would not put it as strongly as TD, I believe we are all part of the same country, when last I looked, everyone was still part of the same nation, there are certain parts of this country I would not wish to live in because I would not be comfortable there. But I don't consider them not part of the same country. However, when I was working in Charlotte in the late 1980s I was pretty much told in no uncertain terms that some people considered people in NY and the Northeast, where I am from, no better than foreigners or traitors because they consider us godless, evil and trying t
  16. In case anyone cares, I saw in a post about the results from the Golden Stick awards over in the Czech Republic, from a Czech poster on Hockey Rodent, that Elias married the girlfriend. Hey, it's a slow news month. I could not find independent corroboration anywhere. Then again, I don't read Czech, but the poster did say it didn't appear in any of the Czech papers, apparently he kept it quiet. Here's the link to HR: http://gretchen.hockeyrodent.com/102/5827/...OARD.HTM#MSGNEW
  17. Wasn't going to watch but I see someone I knew when I was at school is going to be interviewed for this thing. Boris Johnson, MP, currently one of the Conservative candidates for Mayor of London. Doesn't much care what he says, or who he says it to or about. An equal opportunity offender...which can be somewhat entertaining. May have to actually watch at least the UK part.
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