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  1. Mogilny and Gilmour had worn those numbers for all of their pro careers (at least Mogilny had and for Gilmour it must have been almost all if not all). Although there is a club policy against high numbers he wasn't going to have them change the numbers they had worn for almost all or all their career when they came here. Shanahan wore 94 for 4 years of his career - 4 years he hated and begged to be traded from so they could end. Not so sure that's the same situation.
  2. Not thrilled...I realize the team basically needs to score 3 to win until Brodeur gets back and that the offense hasn't been consistent the last several games (good-bad-awful-good-awful-awful-good-etc) so they had to do something, but I'm not sure this was it. I guess the theory is that Shanahan has been most useful in the first half of the season the last few years (and he'll only be playing one half of a season) and he's really most useful on the PP. That may be true - but that means he has to actually want to be here, and I'm not sure that's true, I think he wanted to sign with the Rangers
  3. Jagr can still play, if and when he wants to. He'll never be the Jagr of the P-burgh years, it would be silly to expect him to be. I doubt the return trip to Russia has turned out the way he thought it would. Watching the kid die in front of him couldn't have helped. However, I cannot see him on NJ. This team, although it has more offensive talent than it has in a few years (OK, more than half a decade) is more, concept-wise, like all the regimes he hated playing on in the past. I'm not sure he was thrilled in NY under Renney the last year as it became more and more defensive-oriented. I
  4. I don't hate him. I just think you believe his only fault is that he actually decided to throw a punch, which is outside his job description. That's not bourne out by his past record. But, we will have to agree to disagree.
  5. I saw Cherry on Coach's Corner but took it with a grain of salt because I realize he wouldn't give a damn if Malkin were getting run and if Malkin had done the same thing to McLean Cherry would want his head (although I'm sure DC would also be shocked that Malkin had done it). I paid more attention to the discussion between the 2nd 3rd which acknowledged what the situation was but discussed the general frustration in Pittsburgh and discussed the issues w/coaching staff, injuries, plus what has been happening to Crosby. They still weren't bothered by it. Just thought it was a natural reactio
  6. OK, yes, and no. That's like saying, poor Sid, he got so frustrated, it made him do something stupid. And now everyone is picking on him. Yes, he did something stupid. And, apparently, McLean never agreed to go. I've read the stuff and McLean was so shocked at who was asking him he never said yes. So, Sid is not only an idiot, but he is totally in the wrong. You do need to find out if the guy is willing to go. Sid has been around a long time, even if he hasn't been fighting. He has grown up around hockey. There is no way he doesn't know you have to find out if the other guy is willing
  7. Don, I have to ask, has Crosby ever done anything you haven't wholeheartedly approved of? I realize he takes a lot of heat and probably more in some cases than he deserves, but he has done a few things that would have gotten him suspended if he were someone else (the same as a few other players - most stars are simply immune, we know that). There's also a reason he incurred the ill-will of almost every ref his first year, he spent a good deal of it complaining that someone had just commited a penalty, or that he was being sent to the box unfairly. Yes, he was very young, yes, he had a treme
  8. If they weren't going to build another building in another location (doubtful, I think they like being right above Penn Station), and they couldn't knock this one down and start again (because they would have had to find alternate homes for the teams while they were doing it - and that would actually cost them things like rent to another facility, concession and advertising dollars that they wouldn't get while the place isn't open, etc) then renovation it is and it often does cost more to try and renovate something than to start again.
  9. Also sounds like Walt 'Clyde' Frazier saying the Knicks were experiencing "attrition in transition"
  10. If you recall the Gomez interview on, what was it, Versus, it was NJ's fault he and Jagr weren't a fit. He'd never played with a superstar in NJ and so he didn't have the proper preparation to play with Jagr. That was classic.
  11. Tri, they were very clear in the press conference when they announced the signing. They said it. With Gomez sitting there agreeing with them. He had not been used correctly in NJ, they would know how to use him correctly and his offensive numbers, particularly the goals, would increase in NY. As I've said before, either they were lying or they were stupid. NJ had spent 3 years working with Gomez to improve his shooting - at their insistence, not at his. It wasn't like the Devils' didn't try to make him a better (and more complete) offensive player. I think they got him to about the best
  12. The funny thing is that Lou was trying to get Lindros with that pick, he insisted that it had to be 1991 1st rounder, not 1990, (he traded Kurvers in 1990 and Toronto wanted to give him their 1st rounder that year). He thought The Leafs might be bad enough to finish dead last the next year, and there wasn't a lottery yet. They weren't. All in all, I'm kind of glad NJ didn't wind up w/him.
  13. The league knew the Caps would have the goalie they called up from the minors arriving during game, because he was not able to get there in time for the start of the game, but you aren't allowed to not dress a backup, so they waived the rule that says you can only have 2 goalies dressed for a game for this situation. They'll do it again if they have to for another team in the same situation. I thought it was a great thing for him. He didn't get paid but he got to have his dream come true, at least he got to dress and take warm ups. They didn't put him in for even a few seconds when it was s
  14. That's the theory of the guy running Detroit. He has said he will not pay big money for an elite goaltending, he only needs an average one and will sink his money into defense. We will see what happens when they actually shrink the pads next season. This theory may not work anymore.
  15. One thing, it's only in the last 2 games that NJ has won with less than 3 goals scored. They used to do that on a fairly regular basis with Brodeur around. I think that, so far, Clemmensen and Weekes have done a very good job of filling in and considering the number of guys who were out with injuries, the team has bounced back very nicely. They had the perfect excuse to tank the season - and didn't. We'll just have to see how it goes.
  16. SueNJ97

    F*ck Al Trautwig

    Then people have to accept that they will (a) get bumped to a third channel occassionally on MSG and (b) also have to put up with commentary from people hired by a network management that runs their biggest rival. Apparently, at least (b) is a big problem for people around here. (a) is usually a problem as well, when it happens. The solution was not to re-sign with MSG when that opportunity arose, and the team didn't take it, so complaints about Trautwig and his brethern are actually something that you should lay at the feet of NJ management. They made the decision to stay with MSG. Traut
  17. SueNJ97

    F*ck Al Trautwig

    The Devils had a chance to sign with the Mets' network and instead chose to re-up w/MSG (probably for more $$$, so I understand) for a very long-term contract. I hate Trautwig as well and see the same bias you do but NJ management had a chance to get the team away from it and chose not to do it.
  18. If the team were going to trade Elias it might be better to wait until after the Christmas holidays. Even in his best years, he often got off to lousy starts and it was impossible to tell what kind of year he was likely to have until sometime in January. Better to re-assess then and see where he's at. I doubt Elias asked Brooks to write this. If he wants out, especially with his NMC, he could go to Lou and say, I've had enough, please try to move me, you know I won't pull a Guerin, I'll give my all on the ice while you work something out, take your time and I won't say a word to the press.
  19. SueNJ97


    Brooks is forgetting that even in his best years Elias always started horrendously and then went on a tear sometime around Christmas. While I agree with him about the state of the pipeline what Brooks seems to want to do is find a way for them to make the playoffs and sign a ginormous UFA next year. Not get great draft picks. The best way for them to do that would be to let the season play out and finish at or near the bottom, including trading someone like Gionta at the dealine for picks. I realize that's not a popular opinion around here but it's the way most teams do it.
  20. Many states have laws where you can leave newborns up to a few weeks or a month old at certain safe drop locations and not be prosecuted for abandonment. Those states didn't seem to have a problem with a cutoff in age. They were simply trying to get parents to stop abandoning their babies in garbage cans. I believe NJ is one of them. Maybe legislators in Nebraska should have looked at the laws in the other states and to see how they worded it.
  21. That's not a sign that he doesn't understand the game well enough to coach it. It means that he lacked certain skills on the ice. You don't have to be a great player to coach. Remember that Magic Johnson could not coach - he tried it and failed completely. I have no idea whether he will be an improvement. It could simply be that people like Gretzky like Tocchet and that's why he's survived - not always a recommendation, Gretzky's quite fond of Claude Lemieux as well and I don't think Claude is someone I'd want coaching. But don't laugh at the appointment of Tocchet yet - until you see how
  22. It doesn't apply, as NJ proved in the Mogilny case. The league had even slightly changed position before NJ took it before the arbitrator and claimed that the LTIR couldn't be applied for Mogilny because his injury occured in the minors - they knew what was coming. Not because the clause specifically applied to players who signed multiple year contracts contracts over the age of 35. The 35 and older clause is repeated in almost every section of the CBA except one - the small section which includes suspenions and LTIR. That's what NJ went to the arbitrator with and that's what they won on w
  23. We were playing our young d-men. Then Paul Martin got hurt and so did Andy Greene. I don't think the blue line was fantastic to begin with but Paul Martin is the best defenseman NJ has got right now and Andy Greene had gotten over his sophomore slump and was actually playing better. Sorry, but Brookbank is no replacement for either of them. I don't mind seeing Salmela back up but in this case I suppose what you are suggesting is that they throw Corrente in there before he is ready. I'd rather have them get their brains beaten in than play a kid before he is ready at the NHL level. I'm no
  24. I agree. I mean, it doesn't really matter why you are unable to sign them - in the end, you couldn't. That's the point. Was NJ compensated for Van Ryn when he left college and went to Junior hockey - becoming a UFA, so he was never eligible to be drafted again - because he didn't want to spend time on NJ's minor league team, he wanted a team that would guarantee him a spot in the NHL? I think they were.
  25. Are we absolutely sure the NY assistant GM wasn't Bob Clarke in disguise? I read the quote and immediately thought of Clarke saying "We didn't tell him (Roger Neilson) to get cancer". Ugh.
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