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  1. I thought it was probably interference but, let's face it, they were in Detroit and they weren't going to get that call. Even if they had taken Gionta off on a stretcher, it wouldn't have been called. I was almost amused by Doc saying that if the hit on Pandolfo had happened today it would have been a penalty - I was thinking - not in Detroit.
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    Yes, neither Oduya nor Salmela are NA. Of course, this may be because Sutter has no other choice, unless there is a trade or he sits them and calls up someone from Lowell and how, exactly, would he explain that? I guess this is Sutter, he wouldn't bother. Having Halischuk in there makes sense - the current line-up simply isn't going to score goals consistently and you have to try to prevent them as best you can. I wouldn't play Bergfors in his place on that line. They don't do the same job. However, if the Bergfors-Vrana combo isn't working, and we do need goals, is there some way to spli
  3. While I agree with you that they do need to go through this to understand what the CBA means in what is an ambiguous situation, when I pointed out the exact same thing to Ranger fans in the case of Mogilny and Malakhov and the Devils - that the league had not actually put the 35 and over clause into the clause which contained both the LTIR and the suspension clause - which NJ argued were controlling in those cases - Ranger fans didn't care. There was not supposed to be ambiguity. NJ was simply supposed to sit down, shut up and take the cap hit. The idea that Lou Lamoriello, in his job as GM
  4. While I'm not pleased at the news, I still don't understand why you are frightened of tests that are done to try and diagnose someone correctly. Would you rather they f*cked it up and he was crippled for life? Honestly, you either didn't want them to give him an MRI or you wanted them to not report that he was getting one. I don't see where that gets anyone. An MRI isn't always bad news. It was this time. You, apparently, wanted them to consult what...psychics? I pointed out that I didn't believe it was a bruised elbow. Didn't make sense. But an MRI is a test that is designed to figure o
  5. Did NJ recall him under emergency conditions? If so, are there re-entry waivers for that?
  6. I think the reason the MRI is not looked at the same way by most people is that it is simply not treated that way by the the insurance companies. Although they will generally cover it if they will pre-certify the MRI, it's often an interesting process to get the pre-certification. X-rays are much easier. Obviously, this has to do with cost. An X-ray still costs a lot less than an MRI. An example: I had surgery on my right shoulder about a year and a half ago for what turned out to be a bone spur which caused the shoulder/arm to freeze up. I had the MRI which found the spur, the x/rays sh
  7. I didn't say it wasn't more than a bruised elbow. I said I didn't think it could be a bruised elbow, because he didn't fall on it and, in fact, he didn't take a puck off it. But you either don't want them to do complete tests or you want them to not tell the public/press they are doing complete tests because you will worry about what they are doing. An MRI is not the end of the world. As I mentioned, it is the only way to tell what's going on inside a joint (without going in, of course). And if it is a serious problem and they don't get the tests done because they are too scared to find ou
  8. Unless you have a broken bone, X-rays are pretty much useless. If you want to see even small problems with joints (ones that can be cleared up with a cortisone shot and physical therapy or even just a small, limited use of the arthroscope and a few weeks of recovery), you need the MRI. That's just the way it is. Even internal soft tissue injuries, small ones, it's the MRI, not the X-ray, that's going to get you your answer most of the time. Just because they are using it doesn't mean it's the end of the world, although obviously they could also discover a major problem. I don't think it's a
  9. The Nets started out on LI. It's possible that Isles fans could be either Nets or Knicks fans if they are basketball fans. I thought the shot total for NJ was misleading - very few quality chances, I understand that they might have been trying to get rebounds but the Pens defense was collapsing well and preventing NJ from getting to them. I'm not arguing about the effort, btw. They were trying, they never gave up - and it obviously worked in the end. But the shots weren't actually an indicator of real offensive dominance if you look at how many of them were a real danger to MAF as long as
  10. Hi, I lived in the UK but it was almost 25 years ago. We used to have a London & Oxford based poster but she hasn't been around for a few years. I have been back to the UK several times after living there but have not actually made it to Wales, only England & Scotland.
  11. I guessed what it was before clicking on the link and I was close - I thought it was going to say "Trade them all. Now." And one post is pretty close to that.
  12. So, let me get this straight. The Candaian markets weren't happy before the lockout, when the Cdn $$$ was weaker and they were having problems, which, in part, led to the lockout and the salary cap. Now, when they have a stronger Canadian $, a salary Cap and lots of new $$ because of oil revenues in Canada, they are still unhappy, and all of it's Bettman's fault no matter what. He's not my favorite character of all time but essentially, you have just said that nothing he ever does, no matter what, will ever make them happy. In that case, if I were him, I simply wouldn't bother.
  13. There's really nothing wrong with his points. I mean, it's written by (N)(N)Đ„verson, so you can sense that he really hopes the all go further into the tank instead of rebounding, but there's nothing wrong with his actual points. As MSweet mentions, he could have said that if Broduer isn't Brodeur, with NJ's defense, it won't matter whether these guys have better years or not.
  14. We really haven't heard much about it, but DiPietro is heading into this season coming off hip and knee problems. He's being re-evaluated to see if he'll play in the Isles' final two pre-season games. We'll just have to see what is actually going on with Lundqvist's knees. And Marty, well, Marty got a personal trainer and he isn't El Grande anymore.
  15. There seems to be some disagreement about exactly how many cortisone shots he needed. It has been reported that he needed multiple cortisone shots for his knees and that's what Chico mentioned during the broadcast. According to the Rangers Lundqvist needed exactly one cortisone shot back in August and everything has been fine since (and this is why Joe M was not pleased with Chico during the last NYR-NJD broadcast - whether Chico was wrong, or Chico was right - but JM thought he should shut up about it, I have no idea). I have had problems with both my shoulders. Currently, the left one is b
  16. Now I remember why I don't post on this part of the board. Thanks for what you just called me. I'll just leave again. It's just not worth it. I get called a communist by the Republicans and you know what? I've been called for money over 8 times by Obama and called things I simply won't repeat when I simply ask questions about his programs. I can't take this anymore.
  17. I believe, and can correct me if I am wrong, that they quote the 4pm stats for the amount it fell in the day and then will say things like "and stock X fell blah in after-hours trading". I have to disagree with you. Even Salon.com, which loves the Dems and Obama about as much as you can (except the Daily Kos and Huffington these days) says it didn't pass because Pelosi, Hoyer and the Dems couldn't count. I think we are just going to disagree on this. There was no, no margin for error, they needed to be sure they could hit it and that no Republicans were changing their votes. Apparently, th
  18. I believe there are some stocks but not all that allow after-hours trading. The market is closed but trading continues on some of them. That's probably what you are seeing. On Pelosi - she's the Speaker. It's up to her to understand whether the votes are there for the bill, not just the Democratic votes, but the Republican votes. Hoyer is responsible for delivering the Democratic votes. She is responsible for understanding whether the total votes are there - or it doesn't come to the floor. If you are saying someone on the other side lied to her, make that clear. But she has to know wha
  19. I'd like a third party. I'm not sure it's realistic, based on what usually happens. Since neither of the 2 major parties actually represents me, I would vote for one if I could find one I liked.
  20. Not necessarily Ruh roh yet. Yes, the Dow is down. It's down 500 or so points. However, this isn't the same as 500 points was in the late 1980s, the entire market is much higher now than it was then. Pelosi and Hoyer shouldn't have brought the bill to the floor if they weren't sure of the votes. I don't think anyone is going to like any bill on this topic, except maybe the people being bailed out (the fact that the far left and the far right both hated this bill was either a good or a bad thing and I'm not sure which). At this point, I am simply concerned about three things. (1) My bank ac
  21. The first three are Europeans. The latter two are North Americans. I figured you had to be kidding. I do think Sutter wants the team to, well, score. Maybe. Occasionally.
  22. Didn't we used to like it when the talking heads at ESPN would pick against NJ? Usually that meant they won. If I recall correctly, the kiss of death was to have them actually pick NJ. That meant doom. Look at this as a good omen.
  23. Didn't used to be. They actually came into being sometime around 1987 - whether they were actually used first in Columbus to finance a facility or whether Max Muhleman (calling them charter licenses) used them to increase the initial revenue coming in for the Charlotte Hornets around the same time is not known. It just seems like it has been forever.
  24. If you want to simply watch the conventions, without anything else, you could just put on C-Span. You get no commentary, of any kind, from anyone, you just get the speeches. Then, you can decide whether you like them or not, all on your own, without someone to tell you anything.
  25. I have read it other places than the Enquirer (the Palin stuff - obviously, the Edwards stuff hit other places than the NE a while back). There are different versions. Not sure whether she's lawyered up, yet. And yes, potential abuse of power (if that is what it turns out to be) is absolutely fair game for inquiry for any candidate. Go to it, NE and all news outlets.
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