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  1. Because you were going on about it - and about her ambition, which you found so utterly distasteful. I still haven't figured out whether you believe she shouldn't try to be VP because of her family situation, or not - you didn't make that clear - just that you thought that the fact that she was a lousy mother didn't actually impact her ability to do the job. And, since you can't give me an analogous male in that situation (and you don't admit that Biden and his Senate seat would have fit the bill), because you don't want to admit that she's not the primary caregiver, her husband, is, I am su
  2. OK, let me just say that your earlier posts did not make the last point clear. Your concerns about her family situation seemed to indicate that she should not TRY to be VP. Perhaps you meant that, but still thought she could do it (had the ability). Let's just say that your posts were somewhat unclear on these points - or conflicting. I have never cared what Obama does in regard to parenting - there have been small children in the White House before, so, it's something Americans have sort of gotten used to, as long as the person running has been male and not expected to be the traditional p
  3. OK, understood, I will stop trying, then. Thanks. I haven't been around for a while and I don't know poster's habits anymore.
  4. I am not being vague. I have been voting for everything but President since 1982 and President since 1984 and I'm sorry, I've seen enough about politicians, the way they treat their families, their amibitions and what they actually get away with and the standards they are held to, even now, and this is a new standard that she is being held to. Apparently it exists only for her...among politicians. I am trying to explain that men have not and probably would not be held to it. But you go right ahead and insist that you would - you're self-righteous enough and maybe you would hold a man to it
  5. I'm saying that the Republicans will rally around the candidate man or woman. The Democrats are more likely to eat their own. I think your scenario is more likely to have happened on the Democratic side, if it happened. Perhaps she is too polarizing, but it was sad that they could not come up with one name - there is nobody in the pipeline, the keynote speaker is a man, once again, and they insist that a female candidate be 'perfect', whatever that is. I don't think it's massively important that there be a female candidate, it's just hilarious that all the people who said we'll vote for a w
  6. Almost all politicians make the best decision for them, not for their families or they wouldn't become politicians. It's a lousy, awful, thing for the families, especially Presidential politics. Why do you think Teddy Kennedy's children had to FORCE him not to run again in 1984. He was going to do it. They sat him down and told him no, they didn't want to go through it again. Until then, he hadn't had a clue what it was doing to his family and, quite frankly, hadn't cared. Dukakis had had no idea what his political career had done to his wife. Politicians are BLIND to everyone but thems
  7. Palin has left her children with a parent at home. Biden left his children with no parent at home to take a job which ensured he would either not be with them or not serve his constituents well. He had a chance not to do it and decided to be a Senator. No politician, and I repeat this NO politician, who takes a job with any level of responsibility, and that would be Congressperson, Senator, Governor, VP, President, all of those require a huge time commitment, so, being Governor already means she doesn't see her kids all that often, I don't see that VP is all that different and no, I don't b
  8. I have relatives in Alaska. They aren't part of the movement, but, I've talked to them about it. Lots of people move up there because it's supposed to be the 'last frontier' and the 'fvck the government' attitude is alive and well in the population, so that's part of it. However, lots of this comes from the fact that the state is still sitting on a ton of natural resources and the rest of the country tries to tell them what they can and can't do with it, either they want to stop them from using it at all or they want them to tell them how it can be used for the good of the rest of the count
  9. Perhaps on the Democratic side - in the past they haven't fought back and maybe they would tell the candidate to go home. The Republicans actually support their candidates and, I'm sorry, he would not be told to go home after he was the pick. They would rally around him and he would be safe. I have seen the response to this on the Democratic side (except for Obama, who has, to his credit, been gracious) from quite a few liberal voters. Apparently, Palin should resign as Governor of Alaska because she is a bad mother. I can't stand her politics, but this just makes the Democrats look silly.
  10. Oh, please. You just made an excuse for Biden. The Palins do have someone at home taking care of the children. Her husband is a stay-at-home-father. So, It's OK for Biden but not for her. I get it. That's fine. That's your opinion. Ambition is fine when it's got the name Joe Biden attached but not when someone named Sarah Palin is involved. Biden could have found a job that allowed him to spend more time with his children, he was their ONLY parent, he chose not do so. If he was spending lots of time with his kids, he was doing a lousy job for his constituents and he's damn lucky they
  11. YW. I'd read the whole thread, on and off and I thought I got what you were getting at but I believed that the special needs/abortion question might be getting in the way of you making your point. I've had this discussion with people over the last several days so I know the argument I am making (plus during the primaries when ambition was a sin for Clinton, but not for Obama, and I tried to point out that all politicians are ambitious, and also liars, and I just won't repeat the names I was called for saying this, which I thought was actually something that was pretty much well-known).
  12. OK, I've stayed out of this so far. I don't like Palin's stand on almost any of the issues. As some of you may recall, I am a registered Independent. At this point, I'm planning on going into the booth, leaving the Presidential spot blank and voting for the down ticket slots. If it looked like NJ was going to be close, I would have to vote for the Dems, but Obama is inexperienced, but, hey we were told that it didn't matter if it was a MAN. Apparently it only matters if it's a woman. We were told that we had to think about experience in a whole new way because he was a MAN. But, (and I ha
  13. There are only two ways this particular deal happens: 1. Sather has lost his mind 2. The Vancouver GM has pictures or tapes of Sather having sex with farm animals I wonder if Єklund (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate) has ever considered starting a career writing novels. Certainly, he understands fiction.
  14. That is the ex Mrs. Calvin Klein.
  15. It's mid-late July. The big free agent signings are done. The arbitration hearings aren't happening yet. This is basically the single most boring time of the year for an NHL fan. I don't think you'll see anyone on here who thought he was the second coming. Some people just thought that with, as you pointed out, his size and his skill he might make more of an impact on the 4th line than some other people who have been playing there recently so it might be an OK signing. He basically signed for the league minimum. However, he's now a part of the organization, it's the most barren part of
  16. That's the Times' failure to define the assignment, as I pointed out, Petey. Sorry, but it is. They set no actual content requirements other than the topic. The fact that they decided to come back and set some after reading Obama's piece means they had some in mind...which is what they should have said in the first place. And, if they want McCain to define victory, then Obama can never, ever waver on the 16 months. No matter what happens. But, that's not what happens, and you have to know that. I have no love for either of these guys. I think the Times did a horrible job in setting out
  17. I'm not defending the Times here, if they wanted the same points covered by the two candidates so that people could directly compare and contrast them, then they should have done something other than give them the vague assignment of write an Op-Ed about 'Iraq' which is apparently what they did. They should have said, we want these particular points covered, we want you to talk about your plan for this, not just what you don't like about your opponent. First, discuss your ideas about these key points and any others you feel are relevant and then directly contrast what your opponent has said
  18. It's a little-known fact that Pat Burns is actually Jacques Lemaire's clone, with significant weight gain, plastic surgery and a completely different temperament (not to mention accent). Amazing the things medical science can do these days.
  19. I thought Nolan was annoying and I didn't appreciate it when he complained about the style NJ plays when, in fact, he has his team play pretty much the same style, at least against NJ - if he finds the games boring, that's his problem, don't have your team play that way. However, I would think he was the least of the team's problems, although I understand there was some disagreement between management and Nolan about playing vets vs kids and Nolan was trying to win games by playing vets, which isn't unusual. He was probably told two things he couldn't reconcile, you have to win and you have t
  20. SueNJ97

    Holik signs with NJ

    That's the one! I knew there had to be one out there. That's the former NJ d-man who will return. And that takes care of our UFA signings since, of course, a tackling dummy can serve as the back-up goalie.
  21. SueNJ97

    Holik signs with NJ

    Signed a 5 year deal w/Columbus earlier in the afternoon. Anyone else?
  22. SueNJ97

    Holik signs with NJ

    I don't like it, too much money, he's too slow for this league. I realize he's still good on draws, which we need and he brings size but I wouldn't have done this. There was really no need for it. Lou has this thing about bringing back guys who have played here before. With Rolston, yeah, no problem. For what he brings, it was a very nice deal. This was not necessary. However, it should remove any question of Shanahan returning. Are there any ex-Devil defensemen in the league we can pick up? We know Nieds isn't available. Just say no to Hale, who is a UFA. However, anyone else availab
  23. Even if the Rangers signed Jagr to something with bonuses there is no bonus "wiggle room" this year. Because there is technically no CBA next year, the 7 1/2% that teams are allowed to exceed the cap for bonuses that might or might not be paid and, if they do exceed it in reality, can be shoved off against next year's cap space, doesn't exist this year. So, players with first year contract that are bonus eligible have to be completely counted within the cap and so do players who are coming off of years that were wiped out by injury and sign one-year contract (also bonus-eligible) and players
  24. Jimmy, I regulary phone Canada for my business and sometimes Italy. I have friends in England with whome I regularly correspond by email and I send emails up to Canada daily. The government has no business not getting a warrant, even from the frigging FISA court, which it could have done if it had any evidence I am a terrorist, if it wanted to collect my data. Its just to frigging lazy and wants the right to just take my data, regardless of the fact that it has no evidence. So, they will now have the right to collect any electronic correspondence I engage in outside the country without a w
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