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  1. I lived over there for a year, still have friends over there and know a few of the people involved, although it's been a while and I can tell you that 'centrist' over there and 'centrist' over here mean very different things. The political spectrum starts and stops in very different places in the two counties. And, for Blair to get Labour elected, he had to move them to what seemed like more centrist positions. The country had changed and they had lost elections where the pre-elction polling had them leading, because people remembered the Labour gov't pre-Thatcher (which, whatever some of y
  2. I don't know if anyone was aware, but England and Wales held their local elections today, for Council seats and things like Mayors, etc. Since Gordon Brown had been hinting at a national election several months ago and pulled back, this is considered the best test of the three relevant parties' strengths. Personally, I care (and this is the first time I have posted in this forum in a few years) because I know the Tory candidate for Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. The returns aren't official yet, but it appears that when you look at the returns at a national level across England and Wales, th
  3. I'm with Maddog on this one, Avery was pretty much useless out there against Buffalo, in a series where the Rangers actually put up a very good fight, because Buffalo, except for doing what was needed to do to defend against him, treated him as if he didn't exist. It was like they deprived him of the oxygen he needed to live.
  4. I don't think that what Hasek remembers from playing with Sutter 15 years ago refelcts how Sutter may react to people now. The league - and the people dealing with it - have had to change. Fetisov was interviewed during Sunday's game and he talked about the difference between when he came into the league and when he started coaching in NJ. However, Elias' comments on Sutter's lack of communication with him aren't a sign of zenophobia, they are a sign that he wasn't communicating the reasons for his decisions to Elias and it wasn't the way he should have approached Elias. Every player is dif
  5. Black Forest Inn in Stanhope? I've been there with my parents several times, they like to go there when they visit, but that's kind of why I'm surprised the Devs would go out there, it's kind of a place for an older crowd. The food is good, if you are looking for continental with a German tilt. Nice for your Dad!
  6. I thought the Interestate systems were supposed to be maintained by the Federal gov't, or, at least, to be maintained via funds given by the feds to the states (which could explain where you PA DOT gets the money for that road, they could be administering it from Federal funds). It is a little odd that roads that are actually part of the interestate system (i.e. 1-95 when it goes through Delaware) are allowed to charge tolls since they are supposed to maintained through Federal transportation funds. Then again, there used to be tolls on 1-95 in CT until they found out the $$$ was going into t
  7. I doubt it will survive on its own, 731. However, the $2 stock price may, indeed be too low. But, 250% over $2 is nowhere near where it was trading just a few weeks ago, it was valued at $4B and now even at 250% of $270M that's less that $1B, correct...or is my math wrong. Maybe the gov't and JPS pushed a deal that was too low on the stockholders, but, there is not enough evidence, yet, that anyone was going to come in and re-capitalize the company as a separate, ongoing concern. If JPM has to pay something higher, fair enough.
  8. Even with a triple-wide...and lots of them being little dogs, how do you get 800 of them in there. Just...how? I wonder if they had done any clean-up on the dogs in the picture they showed because they looked OK, but then again, they said most of the dogs were in pretty good shape, the living conditions were just horrible. I have a 1,250 sq foot town house and when I had three cats that was enough. I have two now and I am sort of reluctant to bring another in because Clause and Eric have gotten used to each other. I just can't imagine living like that.
  9. Maybe it was something he had given her to eat?
  10. Actually, those people you have mentioned didn't care if you were corrupt, or, how many people you killed if you were 'one of their own'. However, under Stalin, you could be shot for things like making the 'mistake' of not meeting your production targets, or, another lovely example, if a machine broke in a factory and, well, you were the repairman and they decided you hadn't fixed it correctly, even if the machine had just worn out and they had decided it wasn't worth replacing. The process was, arrest, try, shoot. Period. The more interesting thing about Stalin was that he had a habit of
  11. Actually, the interesting thing in this discussion is that people actually believe cops are somehow worse in terms of 'not reporting' stuff than other people, in other situations in the places they work. Do they see more and more awful things than most people? Yes - because of the nature of the work - and not all of it is illegal, some of it is simply an awful consequence of the job. But, sorry, most people do not and would not report any illegal activities they see at their place of employment - or even stand up if they simply think something is wrong, but not illegal. They just shut up an
  12. I suspect that one of the reasons the Caps wind up with the 'soft', 'brittle' players in the off-season is that DC isn't exactly a hockey hotbed and it's impossible to get certain players to go there. The 'character' guys who are interested in winning a Cup and who might choose to go somewhere for less $$$ will steer clear because they don't think the Caps can win and the big-ticket, big-names will not want to go there when NY, Philly, etc., are offering more money and the prospect of full buildings. Maybe, if they can actually make a run of it this year and sneak into the SE playoff bearth
  13. He's fired the coach, when is he going to shoot his goaltenders?
  14. I think people are really frustrated because the East appears to be so unsettled that they are thinking, hey, Marty is having one of those years, they could make it to the Finals if Lou had done something, anything, for the offense. And, let's face it, there are years for Marty and then there are years. And it looks like this might be one the YEARS. However, if the team hits the second round and suddenly can't score, it simply won't matter. I will say this. I didn't know Fedorov was slated to be a UFA this summer, I thought he had another year on his contract. He's massively overpaid and
  15. I'd say the real 'problem' people are having is that the team, for what it is, has actually over-achieved. And, that probably is, as msweet points out, due to Marty, who is proving everyone who thought he was a product of the defense and the 'system', for all those years, well, wrong. Damn. However, let's face it, the fact that they even got a sniff at #1 in the conference is due to Ottawa basically imploding, in part because of those weeks when most of their offense was out (they haven't gotten back on track) but also because their presumptive #1 goaltender is a jerk and, unlike Patrick Roy
  16. I work in marketing, so I'm probably not the best person to bring this up. And, it is true today that if you want to try and find something, with the internet, it is much easier to find something than it used to be. I remember times when you would have an idea for something you might like to buy (and I'm not talking about a new power bar or something like that), I'm talking about something you thought would be useful and before the internet, you couldn't be sure if it already existed because of how expensive it was for small companies/people to get new products into stores (and actually, it
  17. Mogilny's a good example, there is another, at least for a while. Arnott was basically boo'd out of Edmonton for, among other things, admitting to a reporter he just didn't feel like playing one night (and that was what he admitted to, the rest of the time he just wasn't trying). The start and the end here weren't great, but the middle 2 1/2 seasons were OK, I think? Don't know that Havlat would be any better here. Don't know that he wouldn't.
  18. Red, even if the rest of his career wasn't great, he was key to that Cup win for NJ. Geez. I don't think it makes him a great player. I don't think NJ should re-sign him out of sentimentality. I just think it means he played a very important role in the last NJ Cup win and no, there is no evidence that if he hadn't done it, someone else would have. They were, to put it mildly, offensively challenged. It wasn't so much that he was lucky. The team was damn lucky he got hot at the right time. I know you hate him, but please try to at least be reasonable about this.
  19. Not necessarily. The question is, is it insurable. The original DiPietro deal w/the Isles was not, apparently, and I'm not sure what they did about the one he eventually signed. The same question goes with this contract, is it insurable? So, who is/is not on the hook for it if he gets hurt and retires is the big question...because, he signed it before he was 35. If it is not insurable, and he gets hurt and retires, it comes off the cap, they buy him out at 2/3 of the cost, all it costs Leonsis is $$$. Don't let Ted fool you, he has that. If Ovenchkin does not perform in the later years o
  20. I can understand that Parise wasn't going to go - he went ice cold at exactly the wrong time (right around the time he got that stomach flu bug) and then a bunch of guys caught up to him point-wise (actually, including Gomez). It's just that Parise is the more complete player, goal/assists more balanced, good defensive play, will do anything you ask him to do and do it well. However, if I was going to put someone from the Rangers on the All-Star team, it would have been Roszival. At this point, he's the one guy from that team I'd be interested in signing after the season, except someone is
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