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  1. It's another month and a half until the trade deadline, and things will definitely be clearer then. However, it may all be moot, anyway, unless what NJ is looking for is to be the sacrificial lamb in front of Detroit. Unless we have another incredibly hot goalie situation, like Giggy-puff in 2003, or the entire team suddenly goes ice-cold, does anyone seriously believe that Detroit isn't coming out of the West (OK, they do seem to have some problem with a fully-healthy Blackhawks team, but that's about it)? So, does NJ, or some other team give up something substantial to get Sundin only to b
  2. The ironic thing about the Downie incident is that it came after the HNIC broadcast discussed his time in the minors and how the coaching staff tried to work on his temper and contolling himself on the ice. Great job, guys. Too bad Hatcher didn't manage to take out one of the goons - Lupul has never done anything to anyone that I know of...so Derian actually managed to injure one of the scoring threats and the less obnoxious players on the team, right before, apparently, Gagne is due to come back from his concussion problems. Really...that team is a wonder. Did Bob Clarke curse it when he l
  3. ...well, there would be no one in the NHL for him to pick on. Meh...while I appreciate Elias sticking up for his 'mates, and I do, the Gionta-Chara battle has been going on for years, since Chara was in Ottawa. There is something about Gionta that seems to make Chara nuts. Maybe it's the fact the Gionta, at 5'7" (well, listed, since people who have met him say he's more like 5'5") actually ran him over last night. In any case, the only thing I wasn't particularly thrilled about in the ensuing scrum (besides NJ not scoring) was that Chara seemed to swing his stick at Gionta's head. Good thi
  4. Wasn't Claude accused of biting - twice - once as a Hab, on Jim Peplinski, and once on Kevin Lowe when he was a Devil. He did deny it both times, but it's not like Hatcher is the first one ever accused of it. Personally, I believe people should keep their teeth to themselves on a hockey rink (unless the teeth have been knocked out, of course), but whether Hatcher actually bit Zajac or not, it's not like he invented something new.
  5. You know, the thing that's kind of funny is some Ranger fans appear to be shocked that Lundqvist didn't keep playing the way he started the season all season. He is a very good goaltender. But there are damn few goalies, maybe none, who keep that up all through a season. They all either settle back to something slightly less than what they were, or they go into a slump and then they recover to their usual form (but not usually the super-human form of before). Lundqvist is currently in a bit of a slump. He actually let in (shock, horror) a bad goal in Calgary. Damn. Like no goalie before
  6. I'm not sure anyone is saying the pads themselves are too big. Just that they were never inspected and certified "OK!" by the NHL in Toronto and therefore it was illegal for him to wear them. Apparently they can see where the "Inspected by #17" is stamped on the equipment and it wasn't there. I don't see why he should get a pass for this. Ignorance is not supposed to be a defense.
  7. The pads may or may not be illegal, and the league ought to take a look. But that had very little to do with the fact that NJ played terribly and basically quit sometime in the second period.
  8. Actually, if you have two fatigued teams facing each other, you have a better chance to get something closer to what happened between Calgary and Tampa Bay last night, which is the league's dream. So, while I might not like it, not so big a deal. I suspect you are afraid NJ might lose the 3rd game more than the NHL having trouble promoting the sport...which, they are lousy at anyway, so that's really a moot point. Every team faces these issues. Just because you don't like this particular situation that NJ has coming up...no reason for the NHL to change the schedule.
  9. And no other team ever faces anything similar? This is unheard of in the history of schedule-making?
  10. I don't see why they would eliminate it, unless you want to cut the number of games significantly. And, all teams go through it, sometimes one team will be hurt by it, sometimes they will gain an advantage, sometimes you will have two teams meeting who are both playing second of back-to-backs, both may be tired. It's the ups and downs of the season - teams should live with it. BTW, I'd say teams in the East have much less to complain about than teams in the West, who have much more travel involved in the schedule.
  11. I agree that the Gomez/Drury signings were more than they wanted to spend on two guys who weren't the best fit for their current team. One of them might have been better - and they could have tried to trade for a scoring wing, or something like that. Because there weren't actually a lot of good scoring wings available in UFA this year. However, if you look at their cap numbers for next year, they aren't in bad shape, mostly because almost nobody except those two are signed for next year. Now that we know Jagr's contract doesn't renew automatically, and it doesn't look like he's going to hi
  12. SueNJ97

    Sick & Tired

    NP. I happen to really like Iginla...I just happen to remember that award show.
  13. SueNJ97

    Sick & Tired

    I'm trying to remember - did Iginla win the Hart? Or was he a finalist the year Theodore won it??? Did he win the Rocket Richard Torphy instead??? I just looked it up. He never won the Hart. He won the Pearson (2002), the Richard (2002, 2004) and the Art Ross (2002). I just wanted to make sure, because it kept getting billed as being exciting because it was the battle of 2 Hart winners and I was sure I remembered him losing to Theodore in 2002 (I thought he should have won, but that's another matter entirely).
  14. They missed a Vezina Trophy. He's won three times, not twice. 2003, 2004, 2007.
  15. Here's why this particular situation bothers me. I've had the discussion over with people on Hockeyrodent.com (Ranger site) about Prucha getting hit. Most of the time he is hit legally (there have times when he has been hit late, or sometimes there have been elbows thrown at him, and these should be called). However, the complaints are often that he is target, legally, because of his size (he is listed at 6 feet but he is very light at only 176 which is the same as Gionta weighs and, as we know, Brian's listed height of 5'7" is a joke). So, the problem is really that Prucha and the Rangers
  16. They didn't retain Nylander because he was 35 when he signed the contract this summer and he saw no reason to take less money or years to stay in NY. It may have meant something to Jagr to keep him (I really think it did) but it meant nothing to Nylander to stay. NY may not have known that Jagr was going to have this kind of year (which would mean he might not automatically - or at all) be there next year, but they certainly thought they might not have more than 2 more seasons of Jagr, including this season. Why keep Nylander for more than that? It appears that Jagr was better off with Nyla
  17. They could try him with Prucha. I'm not sure he's a sniper (his 30 goals in year one were probably his high end) but he's certainly fast and probably could score more if he had someone like Gomez. Not that I want to give the Rangers any good ideas.
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